Tuesday, January 28, 2014

One neglectful blogger!!

It's catch up day for the blog!!
Jan. 6, 2014
We had the wonderful opportunity to talk to Jacob for about an 2 1/2 hours while he was at the SLC and Dallas airport getting ready to take off to Mexico. He sounded wonderful and we could all tell that he has grown tremendously. It was fun to listen to Eric and him talk about "missionary" kind of stuff. He was very excited and anxious to get out there!!
His Mission does a great FB page that posts a lot of pictures that are really fun to see of him. You can like it and keep a look out for him on Face book Misión México Chihuahua. 

 Meeting President and Sister Chavez

The Newest 2014 Chihuahua Missionaries
Lunch with the Mission President

Meeting his companion.

 received this email on Tues Jan. 7th
So I'm here. i have my native companion elder Minquiz and he doesn't speak any English GO ME! haha we are in a place about 3 hours out of Chihuahua called Parral. it's a really cool place. I don't understand Spanish. I didn't think I could understand it before and I have now verified that belief. When my companion speaks to me a little slower then i get almost everything he is saying, and he also says that my Spanish is surprisingly good when I speak it, so that's a plus! haha interesting story. So I guess my amazingly good looks are going to be una problema para mi down here. I have had a bunch of girls hiss at me....which is the equivalent of like wolf whistling...so yeah that's a thing, they hiss and say ¨que guapo!¨ and other...stuff, well just say that. But if this is how it feels to be a girl then wow...that stinks. I also had some thugs in a car hiss at me and mock me and yell about how precious I look...so we got the crap out of there. haha all in all though its pretty cool down here! I'll send some pictures next week! i love you all!

Elder Glenn

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