Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014
so idk if you can read that. but this guy in our branch is just awesome. truly one my biggest inspirations and heroes. i have learned so much about humility lately. you can go ahead and tell Maria that yeah i have learned my lesson....but i will ALWAYS still be a punk hahaha.

 (about some pictures I sent him)looks like so much fun up there. Harold looks like Jack. he has grown so much!! i miss you all. anyway. anyway. me and my companion are like best friends now and i couldn't be having a better time! i have such a strong testimony of fasting. before the mission i didn't really ever do it for the right reason, but now it has a whole new meaning to me. it truly brings us closer to the Lord. and it really brings to pass miracles. we were fasting the other day and we contacted 20 PEOPLE!!!!! that's insane. on an average day we get like 3. and a bunch of our investigators have been having drastic changes and are going to church now and its just really exciting. i had my first baptism...but it was a member who had her records lost or something yeah, but it was so cool to do it in Spanish. when i said the words i just felt the power of God. literally. it was the most amazing thing ever. give my love to everyone! 
Love Elder Glenn

Jacob sent me this wonderful Journal entry.

FEB 23, 2014
Yeah don't worry. we follow the rules haha. we just had transfers but I'm still with my comp. razor for my hair would be nice haha. i wash my clothes at the laundromat and i shower with a bucket lol. yeah there are two ward buildings...but our branch has like....maybe 15 people on a good week that attend church . but we eat everyday for lunch at a members house..or less active. so that's cool. i eat is Mexico fatter than the us? flippin ridiculous...everything here is so unhealthy. anyway....i have a really cool experience and not a ton of time to do it I'm going to write about it and take a picture and send it to you next week. but just really quick want to say how awesome fasting i never realized how real fasting is before the mission. but now it brings me so much closer to Christ and the Spirit its incredible. love you. I'll talk to you next week!
Elder Glenn