Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

hey everybody! this week was another awesome week. a week ago we met this guy named Marcial and he said that his wife was a member and he wanted us to visit him, he had already been to church a bunch of times and he is just a good guy, he never wanted to get baptized before but now he did. and so we baptized him on friday. he has prostate cancer and has been in a lot of pain but i think that helped him realize the need he has for being baptized. i left my camera at home so i will send a pic next week. this week this really awesome family of 4 should hopefully be getting baptized, we just need to get them married and its super tough cause the wifes work wont ever let her take off work, and if she doesn't go one day they take away half of her check, and they already struggle a ton to be able to go to church every week. so we need lots of prayers for them. their names are Magdiel, Maricela, Magdiel(jr), and Alba. we are going to be working super hard this week to help these awesome people out!

well President Chavez came this week and it was a really awesome meeting. afterwards i had an interview with him and it was super good. i have been having a question that is super personal but i would like to share it with you all. so i talked to pte. and told him that before the mission i was super confident in myself. lots and lots and almost too much confidence. but then when i came here i had a tough comp to start with and just got super super humbled over this past year and a half and now i feel like i don't have any confidence at all. i mean i understand that my confidence now needs to be placed in the Lord and His strength instead of my own, but i just feel like im not super confident sometimes...then i gave him an example. in the meetings that we have with him i rarely ever raise my hand to comment. i mostly just listen. and its honestly just because i dont want to. like i don't like making comments and voicing my opinion in that environment. that earlier that day during the training meeting when he started it all he asked a specific question....and the WHOLE training was based on that....and i knew the answer to all of it from the beginning....but i just was like scared to say it in front of everyone so i kept quiet. he then said something that really hit me. he told me that he and i are a lot alike and that he rarely makes comments, unless called upon when he is in meeting with other leaders and mission presidents and stuff. and that there is nothing wrong with that. that is just my personality style and that's fine. some people like the feeling they get when they answer things in front of everyone or make interesting comments, but i just dont like it. and then he told me that he knew from the beginning that i knew they answer then...that he saw it in my eyes and felt it. and that i knew it, and he knew it, but most importantly God knew it. then he told me that a year and a half ago i was a super spoiled and prideful kid, but that now, if he were my father he would be super proud of me. and that he as my mission president is really proud of me, and that God is proud of me and who i have become, that now all i want to do is His will even though i am imperfect. i cannot express the love and peace i felt coming out of that interview. it was a huge answer to my prayers. 

i know that God loves each and every one of us. regardless of our imperfections and weaknesses. he is pleased when we desire to do His will. he is pleased when we strive, even though our efforts are imperfect and we don't follow Him perfectly. He is proud of us. i know He is. i am so thankful for all He does for me and i am so glad that i get to serve Him 5 more months. i love you all. have a great week.

Elder Glenn

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 1, 2015


this week was CRAZINESS! so i started off the week a little bummed because i just filled up my 16 gb SD card that has my entire mission of photos on it and i changed it out of my camera for a new one that i have and....guess what....i lost it! yeah i was pretty bummed on Monday not gonna lie. but then on tuesday in the morning i realized something....that i can let this get to me and be bummed...or i can just be happy and do God´s work with a heart full of gratitude for all that i have. i know i know that sounds super lame. but its serious. i cant tell you guys how many times in my life i have heard of people who had lost keys or something and then prayed and then they found them....and i cant tell you how many times i have lost something, prayed and...never found it. seriously. i have been like mangos! no existe tal cosa! that's all just rubbish. BUT on tuesday when i prayed i just really prayed con faith....i knew that it was lost and that i probably wouldn't ever see those pictures again...but i knew that that wasn't the end of the world either, and that i had a job to do and this last week of the month we had a ton of work to do, so i asked the Lord that if it was His will that i could somehow come back into possession of the SD card, but that either way i was going to just work hard and be happy for all that i do have. so i did. and then just yesterday i got a call from our ZL in Parral and he said that he was walking down a random street and he found an SD card and when he went home and looked at the pictures they were all of me....i was speechless.....actually that isn't true i was yelling and freaking out and just could not believe it. haha it was seriously the coolest thing ever. i totally don't deserve it but the Lord is SOOOOOO merciful and loving. the power of prayer is REAL. and when we forget ourselves and serve others He blesses us immensely!

so that's just the i insignificant part of the week. like i know it was a SUPER HUGE blessing for me, but other things happened that were FAR more important, that was just a tender mercy from the Lord and a cool little experience i wanted to share. so about a year ago i was teaching this girl in Parral that is named Carla. she was awesome and always wanted to get baptized but she wasn't married to the man she was living with...and he was a tool and not coo at all. well turns out a couple of weeks ago she left him and came to Valle to live with her mom and guess what!? she got baptized this week! it was such a cool experience being able to teach her and help the Lord in blessing her in this time so crucial in her life. and it was such a great service, the spirit was so strong. then on saturday Nayeli and Gerardo got baptized and they were the last ones to complete their entire family Carvajal! we are super content and happy. AND we have another family that is super cool that is progressing like crazy, they mom told us on saturday that she needed to go to church so that she could have peace and happiness in her soul. i was like wow this lady really gets it. and they said they want to get baptized and so these next couple weeks that should be happening. 

above all it was just a killer week! i was super happy and i just loved every minute of it even with all the challenges we had to overcome and stuff, it was really great and i learned a lot. i love love love the Lord and His enabling power. He has helped me SO MUCH in these past couple weeks overcome weaknesses and become a stronger individual. i have realized though how COMPLETELY useless i am without Him. i love how Paul puts it in 2 Corinthians 12:7-9. it has helped me be more humble and realize that ALL that i am and ANY good that come from that i do is ONLY thanks to HIM and HIS grace. how amazing He is. i love Him and i know that these things are true. i love you all and i hope that this can be a killer week for everyone!!!

Elder Glenn


mi chici niƱo!! EDUARDO he cant wait to be a missionary! super strong with
 less than a month as a member

La familia Carvajal

May 25, 2015


Well this week was just awesome! I was sick for a couple days but that didn't stop us from working our tails off! The Lord really put all the means necessary so that Erika and Jesus could get baptized this week. It was so awesome and i am so happy for them. Now we are going to have a baptism this coming week for Gerardo and Nayeli and then their family will all be baptized :) we are also shooting to baptize 3 other people this week and if possible 2 more too! That will be 7 if everything goes planned, but really all we want to do is the Lords will. He is the one that knows what time is right for each person, so we are going to do all we can to help them and pray to do Gods will. 
Transfers were today but we didn't have them!!! which means that I get to kill my best friend in the mission! I'm so stoked that i get to be with Elder Castro for another cycle and that we can be together more time and do a lot more work together, we have both thoroughly enjoyed this last cycle and i know that this next one will be super fun and super rewarding also. I'm seriously having the best time of my life here. i don't deserve the blessings that the Lord so graciously gives me, but i am so grateful that He does. and I'm so grateful that he blesses my family too. 

I know that Christ truly suffered for us. His sacrifice was so great, truly all the good things that come to us in the life are thanks to Him. all the good that we can possibly do and work is also thanks to Him and His helping hand. I'm grateful for who He has made me and i hope that i can become all that He has in store for me. this week i have been going through the Book of Mormon and studying EVERYTHING that has to do with the Atonement of Christ. its super cool to see how UNIVERSAL His sacrifice is and how central it is to His gospel and everything we believe. well i hope you all have a fantastic week. i love you all loads!

Elder Glenn

a gift that this girl in our branch gave to me and my comp :)
 full of these super good suckers that i love

Erika and jesus´ baptism! :)
 Valle is pretty

 Picture from our Neighbors, the Garces, their nephew is in Jacob's Area

May 19, 2015


this week was awesome! Elder  Nash from the seventy came on Thursday and it was such an awesome meeting i learned a lot about the importance of the plan of salvation and how really people just need to understand that and they will have such a greater vision of what they need to do in this life to progress and meet their goals. then yesterday we had a meeting with president Christensen of the quorum of the seventy (i think) and that was even more awesome! i seriously learned so much this week it was amazing, we will be having at least 2 baptisms this week and we are working super hard and loving every minute of it!sorry that this is so short! love you all and have a great week!

Elder Glenn

May 11, 2015
I learned how to make tortillas this week :-)

A cute kitten

Eduardo's baptism!!