Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May 25, 2015


Well this week was just awesome! I was sick for a couple days but that didn't stop us from working our tails off! The Lord really put all the means necessary so that Erika and Jesus could get baptized this week. It was so awesome and i am so happy for them. Now we are going to have a baptism this coming week for Gerardo and Nayeli and then their family will all be baptized :) we are also shooting to baptize 3 other people this week and if possible 2 more too! That will be 7 if everything goes planned, but really all we want to do is the Lords will. He is the one that knows what time is right for each person, so we are going to do all we can to help them and pray to do Gods will. 
Transfers were today but we didn't have them!!! which means that I get to kill my best friend in the mission! I'm so stoked that i get to be with Elder Castro for another cycle and that we can be together more time and do a lot more work together, we have both thoroughly enjoyed this last cycle and i know that this next one will be super fun and super rewarding also. I'm seriously having the best time of my life here. i don't deserve the blessings that the Lord so graciously gives me, but i am so grateful that He does. and I'm so grateful that he blesses my family too. 

I know that Christ truly suffered for us. His sacrifice was so great, truly all the good things that come to us in the life are thanks to Him. all the good that we can possibly do and work is also thanks to Him and His helping hand. I'm grateful for who He has made me and i hope that i can become all that He has in store for me. this week i have been going through the Book of Mormon and studying EVERYTHING that has to do with the Atonement of Christ. its super cool to see how UNIVERSAL His sacrifice is and how central it is to His gospel and everything we believe. well i hope you all have a fantastic week. i love you all loads!

Elder Glenn

a gift that this girl in our branch gave to me and my comp :)
 full of these super good suckers that i love

Erika and jesus´ baptism! :)
 Valle is pretty

 Picture from our Neighbors, the Garces, their nephew is in Jacob's Area

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