Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015


Alright so something cool about this whole choir (he joined a choir?!?!)situation is that twice a week i get to go on divisions with....Elder Woods!! my favorite companion! haha so that is always a nice little treat. well this week honestly not much happened. we worked hard the whole week...but then none of our investigators made it to church. it was a huge bummer. so i guess we are just going to have to change the way we are teaching and doing things to helps people come to church. i know that we can do it with the Lord´s help. we have a lot of work ahead of us in this coming week so ill be working like a crazy man!

well honestly that is about it for this week. sorry this letter is not great, but i hope you all have a fantastic week and keep improving and praying hard and looking for what God´s will is for you. love you all tons!

Elder Glenn
an antire chicken for lunch? dont mind if i do..

 our ward mission leader has this pullup bar in his garage and makes all the missionaries here do them. most of them get 10 or zone leader Elder Garibay got 20..... i just had to beat him. not too bad for not having dont pullups in over a year 

March 9, 2015


So this week has been NUTS!!!! i got transferred to Chihuahua city and I'm in an are called Cumbres. I'm a district leader and I'm actually training a new guy! his name is Elder Garcia! that's original! haha jk well he is from Mexico city and is 19. he is a cool Smart kid that wants to work super hard which is really good. so I'm having lots of fun with that. this area is like super big and has lots of potential. It is an area that has been neglected, but that's okay cause we are working hard to get it back up! my new district is comprised of me and my comp, the zone leaders and two sister missionaries. so the dynamic is kinda crazy but its cool. i just never have been much for talking to the sister missionaries the entire misión so its kinda weird, but I'm good now. i just try and imagine that they are Abbie and it makes it a little easier....i think haha.

Saturday was the greatest day of my life! haha. woke up, studied, went and worked a Little, then went to a baptism that the sisters had and i ended up baptizing the kid, his name is Gabriel, and then i went to lunch which was SUPER good. then i got a call during lunch from the misión president and he told me that the branch president from Saucillo called him and that he wanted me to attend Melina`s baptism that night, then he asked me "do you think you could make that work"....I'm like sure let me check my agenda......YUP!!! so then went from there to the buses to head to Saucillo. we get there and then jump into a truck where all the kids are in and they all just hugged me and went crazy then we got to the church and ALL the kids came and hugged me and were pulling my arms and legs and going crazy haha! it was the greatest thing ever! all of the primary and nena´s kids and melina´s kid and everything. then i saw Melina and was just so happy to se her and her daughter Kimberly. then i saw Nena......wait for it.....AND her daughter Zayra who i haven't seen since her baptism in December!! i had no idea she was going to be there. but it was the greatest surprise ever. we went and did the ordinance and everything was amazing. took pics and ate cake. then after i said goodbye my best friend Brian came and hung out with us and he bought us all hamburgers and stuff and it was just the greatest night ever. i love that kid. he reminds me so much of myself haha crazy dude. but I'm gonna miss all of them. we stayed the night there and came home early Sunday morning.

So now I'm gonna back track a Little to earlier that week in my new area. we went with this guy that has been being taught since august. his name is C. actually Elder Minquiz (my trainer) was in this area in august haha super weird. anywho this guy hasn't made any progress ever basically. he has never gone to church or done anything. but he is super cool in a weird way. anyway we go with him and we talk and chat and its all cool then i just listen to him talk for like 45 minutes straight. after some Little chit chat out of the blue he tells me that he wants to come to church with us on Sunday. i was like wow...okay. this guy is intense. he is a living miracle. he was shot at 8 times and 14 of the bullets hit him. so he lost is left leg and is in a wheelchair and lost a lot of use with his left arm. he was into some crazy stuff. he actually asked me about where I'm from and i said Utah, he laughed and was like yeah i was there for a while....but i was in a prison....i was like nice man haha. but he is a good guy. really has changed his life around and is looking for the truth. we went to get him and we went to church and i sat next to him. its a super different dynamic with him than it has been with any other investigator, but really fun. i just be 100% myself. he is a no bull crap kinda guy. he can just sense bull crap and when a person is being fake. and somehow i realized that instantly when i met him and so i get along well with him. i sat with him and we sang the hymns and then i answered all the questions he had. even though he whispered a lot of swear words to me and stuff i just could help but feel the spirit. and he did too. he basically told me "this **** is pretty cool man, i like it here. it feels **** good" haha idk why i just looked at him and saw something that i don't think anyone else in that room saw. he said he wants to keep coming and that he is going to see "meet the Mormons" this week. anyway he is actually dead according to the government because well....he died...and like came back to life or something.. so we are working on how we can get him baptized and stuff haha.

well that's all for this week! i hope you all have a fantastic week! Chao!

Elder Glenn

me and my best friend Brian the night before transfers

Melina, Kimberly and luis (he is going to get baptized in the coming weeks!)

Nena, Zayra, me, Kimberly, and Melina. the moms are best friends and my favorite people ever. my Little family from mexico :)

Saucillo clan....with my new comp on the far right...

March 2, 2015


Well it has been a fantastic 6 months here in Saucillo.....but alas the time has come for changes and they are taking me out of here! :( I'm sad but excited for the new challenges to come. I'm pleased with the fact that i can leave this place better than it was and that there is a ton of good things going on here. lots and lots of people getting ready for baptism! especially Melina and her two kids. they are getting ready to get baptized this Saturday! and the zone leaders told me today that i will probably be able to come back for the baptism! so I'm super stoked! but i really am sad to be leaving this little branch. i love it so much. i love everyone here. i even know all the taxi and bus drivers and its just a small town so like all the people know me and say hi. I'm gonna miss it. but i will definitely come back someday. one of my favorite people ever Mari Elena and her kids will be greatly missed....she just went to the temple to baptisms for the dead on Saturday and gave a killer testimony yesterday that brought me to tears. well. its been real and its been dad says, and its been real fun too ;) ill let y'all know about stuff next week because i wont know anything else until tomorrow! love you all so much!

Elder Glenn
the primary activity.....they shined our shoes :) abigail loves me :)

I look like a goober :)
 Abisaí and Isaí wanted to play basketball.....hahaha i love mexico

our zone!!! goodbye :P

Feb. 16, 2015

This week was great. we worked hard and met lots or new people to teach and just enjoyed working super hard. saturday was Abigail's birthday and we had fun with that. not much else happened though to be honest. just working hard and loving it. this week we are going to be working really hard with Melina so that she can get baptized soon. she totally has her answer and everything its just her husband that is being....difficult lol. so we will be focusing on helping her a lot and meeting new people and stuff. but all is well. not much else to say. here are some pics. have a great week! love to all!

Elder Glenn

Me and Elder Carachure

Abigail and her cake :) gotta love that tres leche 

this is a poster abigail made like the day after she got baptized :) made my heart swell. this little girl is awesome.

Abisaí wanted Elder Navarro to baptize him

Nena doesnt look super happy....but i promise she was :) (Weird light spot on her nose too)

Isaí and Me

from left to right Abisaí, Elder Navarro, Me, my new comp elder Carachure, Isaí and Elder Vasquez.

Feb. 9, 2015
Alright so this week was super duper awesome. we worked super hard and have just been teaching like maniacs. but everything had been paying off! so we have this one family that we are trying to help get baptized for this month. the moms name is Melina. she is Mari Elena`s best friend haha. but she has been listening to us for a while now, but just really hasn't made the commitment to everything ya know? so on Wednesday we went to visit her and just had a KILLER lesson. we just spoke to her really sincere and from the heart and it really affected her. and then that night i prayed SUPER hard for her so that she could do the necessary things to receive her answer and recognize it and be willing to act upon it. it was one of the more sincere prayers i have offered in my life....and guess what happened the very next day? we asked her how everything went with her reading and prayer.....she said that she received her answer BIEN MACHIN, like super powerful. and that she knew that this is what she needs to do to take the first step in working towards an eternal family. i was SO SO happy. i couldn't contain it haha. 
so then Saturday came and the twins got was interesting but it all worked out. those two boys are a handful. i almost passed out from exhaustion after everything haha.
then came Sunday and we were waiting for our investigators to come to church and Melina showed up with her two kids and then this other couple we have been teaching came with their kid. and the next person who came totally shocked me. so his name is Pedro. we met him last week and he is a middle aged guy but is a little slower, he cant read and just doesn't get things as fast. but something we learned recently is to teach from the heart. as missionaries we often make the mistake of falling into a routine and stuff, but i wanted to break that routine so when we went with him i just tried my best to follow the spirit, speak from the heart and speak in a way the HE could understand. and that's exactly what we did and he totally loved everything we had to say. he ended up walking into church and said he loved it and that he wants us to visit him multiple times a week and he wants to go to church every week and get baptized! wahoo!

So everything is going great. I'm super grateful for the blessings that our Heavenly Father has been blessing me with. i also know that i can be doing more for Him. so i want to continue with this pace and just keep improving. thank you all for everything! keep being awesome people! love you all!

Elder Glenn
Elder Carachure

            Abigail......this is EASILY one of my favorite pictures i have on my camera

Abigail wanted me to make this face

Isaí`s boogers! YAY