Monday, March 16, 2015

Feb. 9, 2015
Alright so this week was super duper awesome. we worked super hard and have just been teaching like maniacs. but everything had been paying off! so we have this one family that we are trying to help get baptized for this month. the moms name is Melina. she is Mari Elena`s best friend haha. but she has been listening to us for a while now, but just really hasn't made the commitment to everything ya know? so on Wednesday we went to visit her and just had a KILLER lesson. we just spoke to her really sincere and from the heart and it really affected her. and then that night i prayed SUPER hard for her so that she could do the necessary things to receive her answer and recognize it and be willing to act upon it. it was one of the more sincere prayers i have offered in my life....and guess what happened the very next day? we asked her how everything went with her reading and prayer.....she said that she received her answer BIEN MACHIN, like super powerful. and that she knew that this is what she needs to do to take the first step in working towards an eternal family. i was SO SO happy. i couldn't contain it haha. 
so then Saturday came and the twins got was interesting but it all worked out. those two boys are a handful. i almost passed out from exhaustion after everything haha.
then came Sunday and we were waiting for our investigators to come to church and Melina showed up with her two kids and then this other couple we have been teaching came with their kid. and the next person who came totally shocked me. so his name is Pedro. we met him last week and he is a middle aged guy but is a little slower, he cant read and just doesn't get things as fast. but something we learned recently is to teach from the heart. as missionaries we often make the mistake of falling into a routine and stuff, but i wanted to break that routine so when we went with him i just tried my best to follow the spirit, speak from the heart and speak in a way the HE could understand. and that's exactly what we did and he totally loved everything we had to say. he ended up walking into church and said he loved it and that he wants us to visit him multiple times a week and he wants to go to church every week and get baptized! wahoo!

So everything is going great. I'm super grateful for the blessings that our Heavenly Father has been blessing me with. i also know that i can be doing more for Him. so i want to continue with this pace and just keep improving. thank you all for everything! keep being awesome people! love you all!

Elder Glenn
Elder Carachure

            Abigail......this is EASILY one of my favorite pictures i have on my camera

Abigail wanted me to make this face

IsaĆ­`s boogers! YAY

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