Monday, March 16, 2015

March 2, 2015


Well it has been a fantastic 6 months here in Saucillo.....but alas the time has come for changes and they are taking me out of here! :( I'm sad but excited for the new challenges to come. I'm pleased with the fact that i can leave this place better than it was and that there is a ton of good things going on here. lots and lots of people getting ready for baptism! especially Melina and her two kids. they are getting ready to get baptized this Saturday! and the zone leaders told me today that i will probably be able to come back for the baptism! so I'm super stoked! but i really am sad to be leaving this little branch. i love it so much. i love everyone here. i even know all the taxi and bus drivers and its just a small town so like all the people know me and say hi. I'm gonna miss it. but i will definitely come back someday. one of my favorite people ever Mari Elena and her kids will be greatly missed....she just went to the temple to baptisms for the dead on Saturday and gave a killer testimony yesterday that brought me to tears. well. its been real and its been dad says, and its been real fun too ;) ill let y'all know about stuff next week because i wont know anything else until tomorrow! love you all so much!

Elder Glenn
the primary activity.....they shined our shoes :) abigail loves me :)

I look like a goober :)
 Abisaí and Isaí wanted to play basketball.....hahaha i love mexico

our zone!!! goodbye :P

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