Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sept 29, 2014

¿cómo estáis? bueno. pues esta semana mi compañero y yo hemos tenido una guerra contra los élderes que viven al lado de nuestra casa porque hay un huequito en la pared entre nuestros apartamentos y hemos estado poniendo cosas por el hueco. jaja. esta bien divertido. sólo se pueden imaginar las cosas que hemos hecho. 
Translation, (I think) How are you? Good. This week my partner and I have had a war with the Elders who live next to our house because there is a little hole in the wall between our apartments and have been putting stuff through, haha. This is good fun, you can only imagine the things we've done.
Alrighty so this week i basically worked a lot and bought a new seat for my bicycle....and have no money anymore because of reasons beyond my control....so I'm just trying to get by. its super fun. I'm working hard and i cant hear out of my right ear. me new comp and i get a long really well....i think this picture i sent kinda explains that. honestly not a ton going on. conference this weekend!!!!! WAHOOO!!!! this is like Christmas. i love it. uhmm.....we had like 4 people come to church this week and we put some baptismal dates with people and i was taught and milked a cow...it pooped but thankfully didn't poop on me......other than that just normal stuff. a lot of people here speak English and they don't think I'm from the US when i speak Spanish cause they say i sound Mexican lol. I'm foolin them alright. alright well AMINO to everyone....no really a good way to say that in English but just have a great week and keep following Christ!

Elder Glenn

Elder Woods and i
here i am milking a cow....and there i am petting a horse.

Sept. 22, 2014

so i got to my new area!! wahoo! also my camera broke so i don't have picture taking abilities :( I'm pretty sure i need one of those like shock proof waterproof dummy proof ones haha.) anyway. got my fist companion that speak English! his name is Elder Woods and he is from Weiser, Idaho. he is 19 and is younger than Sam cause he just barely tuned 19. he also has like a year in the mission. he is a cool guy. but he looks like Frodo, except he is tall so i call him Frodote. 

So my district leader is Elder Smith. aka Jameson Smith from Lincoln Academy! waaahhhh??? yeah we actually sang in the barbershop quartet together for the music man play in junior high! its a great area but i can tell that it needs work. the missionaries here have just kinda given up a lot on people and so i really want to help get things going. I'm super excited.

here are some pictures of my old district and this girl that got baptized in my old area on Saturday AND the green picture in my new area.....I'm loving the green. also we found a tractor in the river....and then there is a cactus (spot the snack that smiles back!)

Elder Glenn

Sept. 15,2014
so I'm getting transferred and i super bummed about it. but there isn't much i can do about it haha. I'm bummed because next week we are baptizing the Campos family and then the next week this old lady and her grandson. and then the next week we have plans of other people to get baptized....but that's how it goes i guess haha when everything is going well you get transferred. I'm excited to be able to work hard and take on whatever kind of challenge this new change brings me. sorry for the short letter but i have to go because today is like the 4th of July here and its all nuts here. but i love you all and ill be safe mom don't worry! until next week!!

Elder Glenn

Sept. 8, 2014

So this week was great because i got to see a ton of my old friends in the mission because we had a big meeting with the mission president and it was awesome! i found out that they are going to make my first zone a stake!! Parral will be make into a stake in December!!!! and i found out that two of the men from the families i taught that were baptized, Roberto Rodriguez and Felix Chavez, received the Melchizedek priesthood! also that Felix apparently gave a talk in church and was talking about me and my companions and his conversion and it was REALLY good. i am just really happy this week and we found this family that is really cool that have baptismal dates for this month!!!! WAHOOO.......well i don't have a ton of time because there aren't a lot of computers and i want my comp to have time to write. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Elder Glenn
my two last companions: Elder Mainasa and Elder Matute are now companions together!!! haha super crazy. loved seeing them last week at our meeting with president Chavez.

My new zone leader Elder Moyle was super sick and fell asleep on my shoulder during the taxi ride home from the meeting with president Chavez. my comp took a snooze also.

CAKE!!! and a bunch of the elders in my zone at lunch yesterday.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sept. 1, 2014


So this week i read the challenge to become by elder Oaks and it really gave me more perspective on things and just changed my view about the things i study and the way i live. i have been searching recently for just a big change in myself. i want to become more converted to Christ and just be a better person and missionary. after a many prayers, fasting, and scripture reading i have started to see the change within myself. in the scriptures it talks about a change in the hearts of the people to the point that they don't have desires to do evil, rather to do good continually. i feel like i have gotten a lot closer to that in the sense that i have started seeing the world in a different way. i have the same temptations but now i just notice the temptations and instead of wanting to do those things, but resisting because i know its wrong, i don't want to do them because i feel empowered by Christ and i feel the desire to please him more than to satisfy my own wants and desires. idk....its kinda hard to explain but i hope some of that makes sense. 

anyway all is going well. my zone leader/super great friend elder Oldham just got transferred today and so i was kinda bummed. but he goes home in like 8 weeks so its alright. i'll for sure see him after the mission. 

so real quick awesome story. yesterday was stake conference.........we have been working super hard to get this one lady to get baptized and she is progressing well. she went to church last week but we were concerned because this week was a lot further away, at the stake center in centro, and it was earlier. so that morning we were going to go with the elders we live with, elder Lindo and Elder Mcgavin to help us bring all our investigators. evidently other elders in our zone, Elder Paralta and Elder Reynolds, were going to be waiting at the bus station to go with the elders from our house. i ended up calling the elders at the station and telling them that we were going to be occupying their time and that they should just go ahead and head out alone. so they left. meanwhile we went to our investigators house. her name is Aurora. so we get there and her daughter says that she had left earlier and wouldn't be back till later. then ALL of our other investigators bailed on us too and so we just ended up driving there by taxi and all the sudden elder Reynolds calls me and tells me that there is a lady names Aurora sitting behind him on his bus that told hi that she was trying to get to the conference and needed help finding it. i literally was so stinking happy!!! i could barely believe it. i know my prayers were answered that day and she ended up going and loving the conference and she has plans to be baptized in the coming weeks. super super awesome miracle guys.

anyway that's all for now! love you all a ton!
¡Les amo y espero que estén bien!

Elder Glenn

some pics. we went to the museum today and there is a whole Mormon section. kinda funny. also me and elder Oldham as farmers. and my two best friends elder Oldham and elder Tolbert
actually its us as mennonites. no just farmers.....just cause i dont want to offend anyone...

Aug. 25, 2014

SO. this week has been super cool and we had 6 investigators in the sacrament meeting. it was crazy because i thought we were only going to have like 2 people come. but we were fasting and literally saw some compelling miracles happen. i have been trying super hard to humble myself and get rid of the mountain of pride that i have. its been a hard and excellent challenge that i have been able to become a better person from. 
it was a meeting with the mission president that helped me a lot to get on this path to humbling myself and in this meeting he actually asked for my forgiveness personally...in front of like half the mission. its because he has always given credit to my first comp for baptizing "the family of 7" in Parral and never acknowledges that i was right there with him. honestly it never really bothered me that much because i knew who the glory is really for, but he actually asked for my forgiveness and it was a really crazy experience to see a man of such stature humble himself and ask for my forgiveness. i was moved.

well i don't have a lot of time so i'll leave y'all with that. ECHANLES GANAS!!! LES AMO

Elder Glenn 

Really hard to see, Jacob is on the top, just right of the center, smiling wonderfully as always!!

Aug.18, 2014

this week was super great! Dively got baptised on Saturday and Elder Mainasa got permission to come back and perform the ordinance! me and Elder Hernandez are working super well together and its really great. i don't have a ton of time to write but i did get the package of all that health stuff! thanks mom. I'm working really hard and ill try to send some pictures.
Elder Glenn

Elder Mainasa

thnx for the jerky mom. im a gangster now.

Cowboy Jake From Chihuahua State!!
(His Grandpa Glenn Used to call him cowboy Jake From Washington State, only person he ever let call him Jake)

Aug 11, 2014

Buenos dias a todos!!!

alright so i am doing well. just got called last night and my comp had transfers. I'm super bummed, i got super close to elder Mainasa. probably closer than with anyone else I've been companions with. and I'm really sad for him because he is going home in January and he actually hasn't baptized anyone in Mexico....but we were just about to have our first baptism together this Saturday :( so I'm kinda really sad for him. but i guess there is a reason for everything. but just about this baptism real quick. its the daughter of a lady that just got baptized a few months ago and she is super cool and we actually had her baptism planned for the 30th but then on Saturday during the lesson we both had the impression to drop it to the 16th. it was super cool and she accepted it and so we are going to work super hard this week to make it happen. 

my new companion is Elder Hernandez and he is from Mexico state. he is from the generation of Elder Minquiz but seems totally different. he seems really cool and like he really works hard so that will be a nice. well i don't really have a ton else to say and once again i am not going to be able to upload any photos. i know i know. don't kill me mom please. well i hope everyone has a great week! love you all! echanle ganas!!!!

con amor 
Elder Glenn

well my comp left like just a few hours ago and I'm super sad about it. he was like a brother to me. i never once got in a fight with him and we were always happy and smiling. i just love the kid. he has never had many friends. in his life or in the mission. he always got bullied and just dumb stuff...but he trusted me more than anyone else in his life. i just...I'm gonna miss him is all. but i guess that's just how it goes.

Villa Juarez Zone

Aug 4, 2014
hey all

So KEVIN GOT A MOTORCYCLE OR WHATT????? someone please fill me in.


SO another week without pics because this computer doesn't have a stinkin USB. GO FIGURE lol. just want you all to know that I'm doing really well and we are FINALLY having some success here! super stoked because we had 3 investigators at church yesterday and we placed a couple baptism dates and are finding loads of new people to teach! I'm SUPER happy. also ya know how i was kinda struggling a long while back with the whole "i don't feel like I'm myself in Spanish" thing? well as of like a month ago that is a thing of the past. i feel TOTALLY myself and its really awesome. i can say anything i could ever want in Spanish and it is just really easy and flows well. sorry i don't have a ton of time, but i love you all so much! how you all have a killer week!

¡¡¡echanles ganas!!!

Elder Glenn

OH OH OH and i ate cow intestine for the first time! it was....a little chewy but it was good! haha tastes way better than cow stomach.

Loved this note to Daniel
Hey buddy I'm so proud of you! you are now a member of the ONLY true church on Earth! i wish i could have been there to baptize you too! but like you said I'm here working to baptize other people! that's super fun that you got to ride Kevin's new bike!!! hope you have a great week buddy!
Elder Glenn

Elder Mainasa