Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Aug 11, 2014

Buenos dias a todos!!!

alright so i am doing well. just got called last night and my comp had transfers. I'm super bummed, i got super close to elder Mainasa. probably closer than with anyone else I've been companions with. and I'm really sad for him because he is going home in January and he actually hasn't baptized anyone in Mexico....but we were just about to have our first baptism together this Saturday :( so I'm kinda really sad for him. but i guess there is a reason for everything. but just about this baptism real quick. its the daughter of a lady that just got baptized a few months ago and she is super cool and we actually had her baptism planned for the 30th but then on Saturday during the lesson we both had the impression to drop it to the 16th. it was super cool and she accepted it and so we are going to work super hard this week to make it happen. 

my new companion is Elder Hernandez and he is from Mexico state. he is from the generation of Elder Minquiz but seems totally different. he seems really cool and like he really works hard so that will be a nice. well i don't really have a ton else to say and once again i am not going to be able to upload any photos. i know i know. don't kill me mom please. well i hope everyone has a great week! love you all! echanle ganas!!!!

con amor 
Elder Glenn

well my comp left like just a few hours ago and I'm super sad about it. he was like a brother to me. i never once got in a fight with him and we were always happy and smiling. i just love the kid. he has never had many friends. in his life or in the mission. he always got bullied and just dumb stuff...but he trusted me more than anyone else in his life. i just...I'm gonna miss him is all. but i guess that's just how it goes.

Villa Juarez Zone

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