Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sept 29, 2014

¿cómo estáis? bueno. pues esta semana mi compañero y yo hemos tenido una guerra contra los élderes que viven al lado de nuestra casa porque hay un huequito en la pared entre nuestros apartamentos y hemos estado poniendo cosas por el hueco. jaja. esta bien divertido. sólo se pueden imaginar las cosas que hemos hecho. 
Translation, (I think) How are you? Good. This week my partner and I have had a war with the Elders who live next to our house because there is a little hole in the wall between our apartments and have been putting stuff through, haha. This is good fun, you can only imagine the things we've done.
Alrighty so this week i basically worked a lot and bought a new seat for my bicycle....and have no money anymore because of reasons beyond my control....so I'm just trying to get by. its super fun. I'm working hard and i cant hear out of my right ear. me new comp and i get a long really well....i think this picture i sent kinda explains that. honestly not a ton going on. conference this weekend!!!!! WAHOOO!!!! this is like Christmas. i love it. uhmm.....we had like 4 people come to church this week and we put some baptismal dates with people and i was taught and milked a cow...it pooped but thankfully didn't poop on me......other than that just normal stuff. a lot of people here speak English and they don't think I'm from the US when i speak Spanish cause they say i sound Mexican lol. I'm foolin them alright. alright well AMINO to everyone....no really a good way to say that in English but just have a great week and keep following Christ!

Elder Glenn

Elder Woods and i
here i am milking a cow....and there i am petting a horse.

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