Monday, November 24, 2014

Oct. 6, 2014

Alright so general conference was SO GREAT! wow I hope ALL of you watched it. because it was amazing. seriously. the testimonies of the prophets are so incredibly powerful and helped me resolve to become a better missionary and recommit myself aún más al Señor. we were privileged enough to be able to watch it in English, which is good because there were a ton of English speakers there, and then during the native Spanish speakers we would run into the main room and watch it in Spanish and it was super cool! loved it. i received a lot of personal revelation and i hope you all were able to do the same. i know my prayers were answered in the conference and that the Lord was speaking to me through the prophets. one very important thing that was just hammered in at conference was the importance of the habits we make of scripture study and personal prayers. we really should include our Father in Heaven in all aspects of our lives. all day everyday. He cares about even the tiniest things and He is the only one who knows exactly what perfect advice to give us. ¡Confíemos en Él! 

I'm super grateful that my dad got his knee surgery taken care of without any complications. apparently he had his entire knee taken out and now has a BIONIC KNEE. i pray for his quick recovery, and am filled with good laughs because my mom sent me some GREAT pictures of him after his surgery.

Well that's about all that's going on here. we really didn't work a ton because we were travelling a lot for conferences with the president and our zone. but we are going to work a TON this week so we can help our investigator Dalia get baptized this Saturday!!! well i hope you all have a fantastic week! love you!

Elder Glenn

our little room that got SUPER HOT AND SMELLY. yep those are sisters back there. we had about 12 missionaries in there listening to the conference in English.

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