Monday, November 24, 2014

Oct, 20, 2014


Alright so this week was pretty great. not a lot happened, but it was good.  we walked 2 hours one way just to go to find out that our investigator wasn't there, so we took advantage of the opportunity and cleaned the town plaza. so that was cool, then we just had to walk back which took 2 hours. i got my package in the mail this week which was super awesome. thank you mom! now i have a camera and will be taking awesome pix.

so i included a picture of this little old lady. her name is Amelia Cervantes. she is was the first member in this area over 40 years ago. she is THE most awesome lady i think i have ever met that isn't part of my family. legit. this lady is going to be exalted on high. i know i can't actually judge her to say that, but i just did. she is so incredibly faithful. she grew up in terrible circumstances, and then some guy basically came along and told her to marry him so she didn't really have a say, then when he started being really abusive she went back to her parents and they just said to deal with it and that it was her fault for getting married. so she went back to him and just put up with it and never told anyone. for years and years. then the missionaries came and she was converted, and all her kids were baptized and even her husband eventually. she said it made everything worth it. and that the trials she has had are what has kept her faith strong. she eventually did get sealed to her husband but then shortly after he died. her greatest joy is that ONE of her sons went on a mission and is still faithful in the church. literally all the rest of her kids don't even talk to her and completely denounce any relation to the church. she is the happiest, most generous sweet little lady. she has the biggest heart. and she told my companion and i her ENTIRE story. she then told us that over all the years we were two or only three people she has ever told that to. she said she didn't know why, but that the spirit impressed her to do so. and she knows that its for something.

well i can honestly say this little lady has more faith than i have probably ever seen. she is absolutely incredible. unshakable and inspiring. has moved me to strive to become better and not complain about my circumstances. well i love you all and hope we can all strive to be better this week! 

Elder Glenn

                               Hermana Cervantes
                                    cool tree tunnel

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