Monday, November 24, 2014

Nov. 3, 2014

So Elder Woods left :( super sad to see him go but that's just the mission. i was pretty frustrated with my Zone Leaders though, because right before we went to bed that night they called and said that i was going to train! so i was super super duper excited to be training. like so excited that i legit only slept an hour and a half MAYBE. so then we get to Chihuahua and i was anticipating waiting and nothing....i ended up with Elder Gonzalez. He is great! BUT as you can imagine i was just really really bummed and bugged because my ZL's had told me all that. oh well. it happens. but I'm now super excited to be working with Elder Gonzalez. he is a hard worker and is from Ecuador. another Ecuadorian! he is getting accustomed to the long walks we have to take here to get to places even though he has 16 months in the mission. we get along fin and its really great working with him. 

other than that there really isnt much news. Halloween here isn't really a thing. but there was a car driving around honking and then just throwing tons of candy out the window ha would be so frowned upon in the states. i can seriously almost hear the mothers complaining already :) they celebrate the two days afterwards. the 1st and 2nd of November as the days of the dead. its wack. and they tell us that Halloween is worshipping the devil its super funny. that in the states we all just worship Satan once a year or something....ha ha better than the people who worship La Sant√≠sima Muerte!! that's right folks....holy death....that's a real thing that people worship. i have already had some no so fun experiences with that kinda stuff...but I'll save that for when i get home ;) ha ha

well i love you all! i hope all goes well for you this week! keep praying and being good people! :)

Elder Glenn

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