Monday, November 24, 2014

Nov. 24, 2014


so this week i had my hump day. didn't really feel any different. but i did get the package with all the wonderful letters n stuff so that was awesome. it was super awesome to read letters in Spanish from some of the ward members. but the one that shocked me the most was from Bro. Schetzlar....yeah i have no idea how to spell it. i didn't know he served in Chile. his Spanish is still SUPER good. like wow. it was a really powerful note he wrote. anyway. i just loved everything from everyone. 

pues ya hace tiempo(idk how to translate but basically means for a while now? or something) for a while now i have been studying about humility. like 5 months. studying it and TRYING to live it. i have felt like after studying so much i have failed and haven't made a lot of progress. but them two really cool things happened this week. first: a friend Elder Wright who i met when i first got here told me that for some time he has been wanting to tell me something. and he told me that i have changed so much from when i first arrived. that i have become much much more humble. i felt so much peace because i have really been down a little after so much effort in trying to become humble and thinking that i haven't changed at all. so i felt like that really was an answer to prayers. and then we were with one of the members in his little store when some super drunk borracho came in and started talking to us. my companion talks a lot and i listen a lot and well i like to try and listen to what people are saying and analyze more and then speak. so the guy basically ripped on my comp telling him that he needed to talk more humbly and love people. it was very interesting because i barely said anything. but we learned some really important stuff from this guy. he said that if everyone talked like me then this world would be a better place. i laughed hard at that. but what he meant was that we need to love and listen to others. not be so caught up in ourselves and just speak with humility. i definitely am no humble enough. i have a LOT to improve on, but i feel like these were little occasions that i was able to receive confirmation that i am improving.

i also learned that we cant say the we love someone if we don't serve them. so SERVE. everyone around and let Christ´s love fill you and those around you. i have found this to be the best way to love thy neighbor. just like in the parable of the good Samaritan, loving you neighbor means serving you enemy :) well i love you all and hope this week is a good one!

Elder Glenn

                             Elder woods, last day together

Our Apartment 

   A boy named Daniel and his brother David, 
This is the second time I cut his hair
Elder Gonzales on our 4 hour round trip to Parritas
 Random pictures that I found on the Mission FB page 

Jacob is in the back right side, smiling as always!!

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