Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dec. 1, 2014

So this week has been just full of miracles. we really have been reaping the rewards of all of our hard efforts over these past couple weeks! so the lady that came to church a couple weeks ago out of nowhere, well her name is Mari Elena and she has a baptismal date for the 27th of December. we have been fasting and praying and working super hard to help her progress and this week some really exciting things happened. first of all she has a daughter that lives in Odessa Texas and she came here for the holiday week and we got to teach her and give her a book of Mormon and we gave her all the church information for where she lives in Odessa and she is going to go to the Spanish branch there. WE ARE SUPER EXCITED. 

so visiting with Mari Elena we have just been guided 100% by the Spirit and it has been just awesome. all the lessons have been so inspired and we have been able to resolve her doubts and answer her questions. something that really has been testified to me is the role of the Holy Ghost. really i have nothing to do with anything. its all the Spirit. He is the one that guides and teaches and touches the hearts of God´s children. it really is magnificent though to be an instrument through which the Spirit can teach. it really is humbling.

So Mari Elena has slowly been growing her testimony and the other day we were visiting her and a friend of hers was there and Mari basically sat there in the middle of the lesson and straight bore her testimony to her friend. it was really cool. and a few days earlier we were teaching her about the Book of Mormon and all of the sudden she just stopped and was like "wait you are saying the this book was written by ancient prophets and that Joseph Smith TRANSLATED it?" and we were like...uh mm....yeah exactly and she just sat there with this PRICELESS look on her face of like "holy wow this stuff is serious bidness". super cool. so then fast forward to yesterday after church we were teaching her in the church with her daughter and stuff and she asked us if she could bare her testimony and she told us that she had fasted 4 DAYS. 4 DAYS without food. she drank only liquids. but she fasted 4 days and prayed asking God to give her direction in her life and to reveal the truth to her. well. on the day after she finished her fast. we showed up into her life. she cried and told us that she knew God had answered her prayer and that this is the true church. i was humbled and moved. truly an inspiring and amazing experience that i will always treasure.

I know that God loves us and listens to us when we talk to him. it is an honor and a privilege to serve Him and be guided to those that are truly and honestly searching for the truth and the path that God desires them to take. i know that this is the true church. i know that the only thing God really wants is for his children to return to His presence. i love you all so much. VIVA PARA CRISTO, NO PARA SÍ MISMO 2 Cor 5:14-15

Elder Glenn
Me and the 1st counselor in our branch Jaime Morales(NATURE SUNSHINE SHOUTOUT FOR YOU DAD!!!)
Me with the cherry cheesecake pie thanks to my mom

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