Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dec. 15, 2014

So i didn't get transferred! super happy because i love this area. 
a crazy change though is that my old comp is now our new zone leader! ha ha its kinda crazy but I'm adjusting. he is a really good missionary but just barely got put up as a ZL so i think he is learning how to lead because all he does is planch (chews us out) us to death lol. and well because I'm his old comp or something he picked my companion and i in the zone conference and just let us have it in front of everything. and then wanted to show us how to work so he came to our are and chewed us out some more and a bunch of other stuff....well needless to say my comp and i were left quite discouraged because we really have been doing a lot and making progress and working hard, but at the end of the day we get told that we are offending God and a bunch of stuff...i know that he really just wants us to improve and do better because he gets a lot of pressure from the assistants...but ¡hijole! está bien pasado ese chai. its just a little much. well with all this craziness i have been able to learn a few things. 

first-i need to be more humble and moldable. pride is the root of all sin

second-  Satan will use ANYTHING, especially harsh words, to try and get us down and keep us from reaching our potential.

third- Christ loves me and is satisfied with my work and effort if i have genuinely given it my all. 

its interesting because HE, being the son of GOD did not have HUGE success in Jerusalem and in the old world even though he was literally walking and teaching and healing and doing miracles and even discerning peoples' thoughts and teaching better than ANYONE EVER.....they still didn't convert. while on the other hand when he came as the resurrected Christ to America he was so moved by the people he had tears of joy because of their faithfulness and love for Him. the people literally would stay and listen to Him for hours while on the other hand the Jews crucified Him. so i guess what I'm trying to say is that the numbers don't always reflect the effort. now that isn't an excuse to give little effort, but i learned this week that i really just have to give it my all and then just trust in Him.

well just an update Mari Elena is doing super well and is on a steady course to her baptismal date on the 27th with her daughter Abigail! we are working hard to help them and many others! thank you all for you love and prayers. and thank you to those that took my challenge to read that talk. i hope you can all apply it in your lives and become better people! love you all so much! have a fantastic week!

Elder Glenn

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