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Dec. 29, 2014

so just because it was Christmas this last week and y´all got to talk to me over Skype isn't an excuse to not write me! stinkin' turds. haha. well i hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas! i know i did! my family is all lookin' good!
Pictures from our call ;-)

 Jacob trying to remember the words in English (he did this a lot)

Well just to let everyone know Mari Elena and her daughter Zayra and Abigail got baptized and confirmed members of the church this weekend! we are super super happy for them. wow at the baptismal service i had such a cool experience. so when Mari Elena had her ordinance done i just felt SO OVERWHELMED with the spirit. it was truly incredible. like i just felt so sure that the angels in heaven we're rejoicing and that God was so very pleased. three of His chosen daughters have returned to his path. she is absolutely thrilled and is loving having the Gift of the Holy Ghost. on another note, her friend Melina who we have been working with, came to the baptism and also to church yesterday. we put a baptismal date for her and her to kids for the 24th of January so we will be working hard to help them reach that goal. also we put a goal for one of Mari Elenas sons Isaí for the 10th of January. we are going to be working super hard to reach these goals and find even more people!!!

so on the 26th our mission president came to do a training meeting with us. IT. WAS. AWESOME. wow. so we went like deep doctrine into the Abrahamic covenant and lineage and all this stuff but basically after everything was said and done i realized how HUGE of a responsibility i have as a missionary serving especially here in México. the people here really are prepared and really are chosen. i truly was preordained just like all of us were, to preach the gospel of Christ. we had to have behaved so incredibly well in the pre-earth life that God in His infinite wisdom saved US for these last days. i had always heard that before but i really got a spiritual testimony of that this Friday. i serve the Lord. i want to do His will in every moment possible. this year i choose to forget about what i want, and put in first priority His desires and expectations of me. i know that for man it isn't possible, but with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26).

I Hope everyone can set some awesome goals and really make yourselves reach higher this year! i know that i will do all i can to serve to my highest ability this last year of my service as a full time missionary. love you all so much. have a great week!!

Elder Glenn
Mari Elena, Abigail, Zayra, and Isaí

 Mari Elena, Abigail, Zayra

Las hermanas and us!! some people arent great at taking pictures lol 

 A pic with E. Smith (Jacob went to Jr. High with E. Smith)and E. Navarro too!! YAY!!!

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