Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dec. 8, 2014

¡hola saludos a todos!

Alrighty so this week has been super duper great. we have been working super hard and have been seeing some really awesome miracles.

so Mari Elena has been progressing SUPER WELL. she received her answer about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and it was so cool! seriously. she just told us that she knew it was true. its really really awesome to see someone SO prepared and ready for the gospel. she was Cristian before so she knows stuff about the bible. BUT she is super humble and willing to do WHATEVER the Lord asks of her. and THAT is what is truly humbling and awesome. now that she has a testimony of the book of Mormon everything else just falls into place. for example the other day we taught the word of wisdom because she was boiling water for her coffee...during the lesson i could see in her eyes that she had felt the spirit testify to her that this really was a commandment of God. and nothing else matters. so as a result she turned off the stove right then and there and threw out her coffee. WE DIDN'T EVEN ASK HER TO DO THAT. and she just did it. 

God really prepares people. its so humbling to be led by Him to those select people. to be an instrument in His hands is truly an incredible (to say the least) experience. i have been reading a talk called "beware of pride" by Ezra Taft Benson. i don't really know how many times i have read it but its a lot. really something we all need to recognize is that we all have loads of pride. i have a lot. and you do too. this talk is to reflect upon and set new goals to change and become a better person. i challenge each of you to look it up on and print it out and study it. i don't challenge to do much in these letters so i hope you can all take on this challenge and change and become better than you already are! 

well i love you all so much. i may or may not get transferred i guess ill find out tonight and let y'all know next week. but i really hope that i get to stay because we are just killing it here in Saucillo :) LOVE you all so much. ¡q´ tengan una buena semana!

Elder Glenn

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