Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dec. 22, 2014

so wow this week has been SUPER AWESOME. first of all on Saturday we had our big mission party where the entire mission got together and i got to see a bunch of old good friends. it was awesome. seriously such an awesome day. there were talents and stuff and testimonies and a cool video ( that some missionaries made. we had a delicious turkey dinner and got to break some piñatas n stuff. so that was super fun and awesome. we got home at like 11 or something. it was crazy. 

but i have way cooler news than all that. so Mari Elena has been progressing super well and what not, but the new leaders were like pressuring super hard to together to get baptized on Friday last week.. and we were like no....because she legit had already received her answer and all this stuff and beside that her daughter was going to get here but not until yesterday early in the morning and she wanted to get baptized with her daughter. so they literally came to our area to basically pressure her into it and so we just felt a strong impression to intervene. so we called the mission president and explained the situation, he told us to tell them to stop and to just let the lady get baptized with her daughter. so that's what we did. and it has all been going super great! SO her daughter got home yesterday and they came to church and it was great and then afterward a family in the branch invited them to eat with all of us and what not. then after that we went and visited them in their home and talked to her daughter about how she felt about being baptized and she said good....but that she wasn't sure. so then we asked her if she had read the book of Mormon that we had given her before she left for Texas a couple weeks ago and she said no. SO THEN we left her a chapter to read and told her to pray and all this stuff and it was a really awesome lesson. and that we were going to call her today in the morning to see how it all went. 

so the thing is is that people have to have 5 attendances in the church to be able to be baptized here. WELL Saira the daughter only has 2 because she was in Texas. and so the thing is is that we have to call the mission president to get special permission to baptize her this Saturday.....well....ladies and gentlemen. we called her this morning and basically had a little mini lesson over the telephone and asked her if she read. she said yes. and then asked if she prayed. she said yes. then asked how she felt about it and she said really really good. then the big question....drum roll you feel that God wants you to be baptized this weekend? she said yes very enthusiastically. my companion and i were filled with the spirit. we ended the phone call and then proceeded to call Pres. Chavez and explained the situation and he gave us the green light. wow. just wow. we have been working so hard and this is such a great blessing. the fruits of our labors are showing. we felt the spirit super strong and just prayed thanking Heavenly Father  for the opportunity to be a part of this work and be instruments in His hands. so Mari Elena, Saira, and Abigail will be baptized this Saturday at 5.

I'm so grateful to be able to serve the Lord in the mission field. I'm so grateful for all of the love and support i get from all of you. i hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and remember Christs birth. i love you all!!! 

Elder Glenn
My old comp E. Hernandez

me and my good friend old companion E. Mainasa....he leaves january 3rd :´( 

 he first time since like....march since we have been allowed to drink soda!!!

mis amigitos!!!

E. Peréz and E. Newman buddies from my old district

Pte. Chavez taking it out on the piñata

E. Pérez a buddy from Parral

me and E. Lindo. he loves it when i make "the mask" face...and he tried it too

             me and E. Cabrera and E. Lindo two of my best friends

Pres. and sister Chavez

E. Minquiz my trainer

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