Monday, November 24, 2014

Nov. 17, 2014


That's right ladies and gents. 1 year this week. super duper crazy stuff right here. I'm super super stoked, but its kind of a bittersweet feeling. one year left until i go home, but only one year left of being a missionary. i seriously look forward to seeing everyone again, BUT more than that i just love being a missionary and serving the Lord. i have learned so much and been so humbled this past year. i have a long way to go but i have been able to realize the incredible amount of pride that i have. that we all have. we just have to recognize it and accept that and do things to change daily. thank you all for your support and love! love you all to bits!

So this week my companion and i have been working SUPER SUPER hard. honestly really hard. and we were fasting and praying and just echandonle ganas. and really no one was receiving us or listening to us or however you say it. anyway, it was really awesome. really hard but really awesome. we kept up our animo and kept working hard even with all the difficulty we had. THEN comes Sunday morning. we passed by 4 families homes and NONE of them came to church....we get to church to find out that one of our investigators that ALWAYS goes to church didn't show up, along with the other investigators that had baptismal dates that a sister in the branch was supposed to go and bring didn't come. we were super bummed to say the least...then. came in , a little late, a sister in the branch along with.....wait for it....a family of 4. a mom, and her two twin sons (10) and her daughter (8). it truly was a miracle. one of the most amazing miracles that i have seen here on the mission. it truly goes to show that if we work hard and diligently, the Lord will bless us with fruits. she is a like golden investigator. super super stoked and ready to hear the message. really open minded too. she is going through a really tough time as to the fact that her husband just left her and is with someone else now. its super sad, but we are going to help her to find faith in Christ and improve her life.

well this weeks work paid off! gonna keep working hard and try to improve! love you all! have a fantastic week!!

Elder Glenn

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