Monday, November 24, 2014

Oct. 27, 2014


So this week Dalia got baptized! We were super super happy. we have been working really hard and we just really wanted to get her excited for her baptism because she always said she wanted to but she just like wasn't super excited, so we brought in some sister missionaries that totally got her excited. Dalia and her mom Veronica speak English and the sister missionaries do too so they were all just like girling it up and Dalia got really stoked for her baptism. so that was cool. so on Saturday she got baptized and yesterday confirmed. me and Elder Woods prepared a special musical number and sang ''lead kindly light'' or ''divina luz'' and it went super well and she like cried. it was a great service. it was a really great week but we honestly were just working and focusing on her so not a ton of other stuff got done. but that's alright because we have a couple other investigators that are progressing and i think we will have a couple more baptisms :)

So the news came last night and Elder Woods has transfers....I'm super bummed and so is he. it has been the most fun i have had in the whole mission. I'm seriously gonna miss him. but i know i will see him again in or after the mission. he has become a very close friend of mine and has loved listening to all the adventures of the Eskibros. 

this week i learned a lot about pride. i had a really cool experience and was able to let go of my own pride and realize that i was wrong and just accept that and accept the criticism of other, and i realized that when accepting said critique we shouldn't just automatically look at what the others are doing wrong and point that out right away, rather just change ourselves. it was really great. i just have a really strong testimony of pride. its always nice to get a good lil' reality check here n' there. i love in Alma 5:14-16 where it talks about looking at ourselves and reflecting. seeing if we really are being more like Christ or less than yesterday. that is the challenge.

Well i love you all! hope your week is great!

Elder Glenn

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