Monday, November 24, 2014

Oct. 13,2014

Howdy folks.

So kinda sad...but Dalia didn't get baptized this week, but its alright because she wants to but she is just trying to make sure she has a testimony so i am super happy.  she didn't even come to church this week :( so this week we are going to be visiting her and trying to help her feel more confidant. i have high hopes! also we went and visited this kid that is 15 yrs old and he lives like 2 hours away walking (we cant ride our bikes on the trail to get there) and we haven't heard from him for like weeks so we went and he has been reading his scriptures and praying and everything and is super stoked and wants to get baptized. we were blown away. also his mom came in and we started teaching her. turns out she has been reading and praying with her son and when Lorenzo said the closing prayer she cried and was just feeling the spirit a ton and even was able to recognize that it was an answer from God. needless to say it was really awesome. they both accepted baptismal dates and are doing really well. super excited to visit them this week!

whilst other than that not much happened this week. we reached all of the goals we set which is like a first in this areas history. gonna be working super hard this week to help all these people out. its still super hot here. i just found a shirt that is new in my suitcase so that's cool. well i love you all! hope you all have a great week!

Elder Glenn

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