Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Aug. 25, 2014

SO. this week has been super cool and we had 6 investigators in the sacrament meeting. it was crazy because i thought we were only going to have like 2 people come. but we were fasting and literally saw some compelling miracles happen. i have been trying super hard to humble myself and get rid of the mountain of pride that i have. its been a hard and excellent challenge that i have been able to become a better person from. 
it was a meeting with the mission president that helped me a lot to get on this path to humbling myself and in this meeting he actually asked for my forgiveness personally...in front of like half the mission. its because he has always given credit to my first comp for baptizing "the family of 7" in Parral and never acknowledges that i was right there with him. honestly it never really bothered me that much because i knew who the glory is really for, but he actually asked for my forgiveness and it was a really crazy experience to see a man of such stature humble himself and ask for my forgiveness. i was moved.

well i don't have a lot of time so i'll leave y'all with that. ECHANLES GANAS!!! LES AMO

Elder Glenn 

Really hard to see, Jacob is on the top, just right of the center, smiling wonderfully as always!!

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