Monday, February 2, 2015

Jan. 27, 2015

so today is my birthday! haha its a great day. this last week was pretty tough because i only got to work one day. on Tuesday we went to Chihuahua for my comps wisdom teeth, and then i got sick and couldn't work the next day, or the next one....or Friday. but i worked on Saturday and Sunday. but it was just super crummy and my throat hurt a lot and i was coughing a ton. but that's all over so I'm happy!!!

i feel weird to be 22 now. but I'm very happy to see how far i have come in recent years. the Lord really has changed my life completely. i feel confident, yet humbled. i feel ready to take on this next year and become more like He wants. thanks to all who have supported me and helped keep me going! i hope everyone has a great week this week! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMA!!! :):):):) i know i have always been your favorite birthday present ever ;)

Elder Glenn

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