Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Feb 3, 2014
Glad to hear the family is doing well. . I've been fasting a lot lately for certain things and its been an amazing experience to see the miracles that fasting and prayer can bring. well i have been doing a lot of things and fasting a lot to forget myself. and it has really done wonders. ha ha love the pictures! i just showed my companion the one of the old lady smoking a joint and we both had a good laugh...i smell weed here probably minimum 3 times a day ha ha. i see like at least 2 or 3 stray dogs on EVERY single street we walk on. its ridiculous....and there are so many dead animals I'm starting to make collection of pictures i call..."el plan de salvación" ha ha so you get two of those today. everything is fantastic. learning lots and having fun. 
 haha i got my hair cut by a sister in our branch...WOW never doing that again! i specifically asked her to just use a 4 for my whole head to buzz it but she told me that would be ugly...she then got out a 1!!!! to do the sides and said "confieme elder" a million times which means trust me even though i asked her not to and that we can always cut it shorter if its bad...but nope! haha so the sides of my head are like bald and the tope she cut by hand so it was super choppy and uneven...i just when home and re buzzed the top...it looks better, but not by much ahahha...i got a good laugh out of it. all the missionaries and members make jokes about my hair now...but its been really funny to be honest. i look absolutely ridiculous. but that's okay. anyway gotta go!
LOVE YOU!!Love Elder Glenn

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