Tuesday, February 18, 2014

FEB.17, 2014
So I asked Jacob to tell us more about his everyday life and his living conditions, this was his latest email.

We have a pretty decent apartment considering...except we wash with a bucket..so that's a thing haha. My companion is great...FINALLY after 6 weeks last night I think we became like legit friends...we stayed up until 12 talking...which isn't necessarily good, but it was good at the same time...idk how to explain it. Anyway him and I are actually not very different. I would tell you about the neighborhood...but I don't want you to freak out haha. it's...alright i guess...we live right by the pólice station...so i guess that should help. but it doesn't really, haha. Our power breaker is outside so kids will randomly go shut our our power..that makes things interesting. We are currently teaching like....idk...6 or 7 families or individuals. Only one of them is kind of progressing. Truth is I'm not having a ton of success...which has actually brought me down a bit, but  my companion he really comforted me and helped me out. Letters take FOREVER, like months. so just saying. packages are a lot faster like a couple weeks, so if you are going to send letter just throw them into a package haha. Everything is referrals...so its pretty good. but we still knock on doors when we feel the need to do so. People for the most part really like me as a missionary..mostly because I'm güero (whitie) that's trying to speak Spanish. its really cool. So last week we had divisions and I got to work with MY BEST FRIEND in the misión! Elder Wright. he is from draper..like super close to us. anyway. It was such a good day because he only has like a couple months more that me and we both talk about the same amount of Spanish so it was really good give and take in lessons. Cause normally my comp just talks most the day long because my Spanish is slow. It really gave me the opportunity to rely on the lord and have the faith that I would be able to understand people and talk. it was the coolest. yeah..my neighborhood is sketchy...not gonna lie. I'll just leave it at that though. I love you I have to go.
Elder Glenn

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