Monday, October 5, 2015

Sept. 28, 2015


Alright this was an awesome week! so on monday we worked super hard and got a TON of work done and found new people and it was just an all around awesome day. then on wednesday we went to the luisiana and helped Chapelo cut and stack corn. i got to eat some cane sugar. then on thursday we went and visited Cristina who is preparing to be baptized for the 17th of october. so we went there and helped her clean up her patio then afterwards we had an AWESOME lesson with her. at the end of it we were teaching abut fasting then she said "wait wait wait, i'm still gonna get baptized on the 17th right? like we are still gonna do that right? cause i'm always thinking about it and i'm getting ready to do it." we were like uhmm yeah we are gonna do that for sure haha. it was so cool. and she wants to fast the day before so we are going to fast with her. she is so cool and is doing all she can to stop smoking. i know she can do it. the Lord will help her overcome whatever she needs to so that she can be baptized. we have been working a bunch and i'm really enjoying the mission. its such a privilege to represent the Lord. and i have the greatest time doing it. well that's about all the time i have for today! have a great week!

Elder Glenn

this is Lucha Larry. probably one of the greatest pics i have. he ALWAYS has a luchador mask on. and acts like he is a member sometimes but wont put down the pisto

watching the lunar eclipse 

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