Friday, September 25, 2015

Sept. 21, 2015

so this was a pretty packed week...many pictures were that's good! lots of wood chopping to help this one member get ready for the winter.  we had HUGE success with a Mexican night that we did Saturday. lots of members and less actives came with even a couple of investigators. all in all it was really awesome. thanks mom for all of your help and advice for the activity too! everyone is getting more stoked about church and stuff and we are trying to get people excited about conference that's coming up! lots and lots of work to be done! and I'm really enjoying it. this experience has provided me with so many priceless lessons and memories. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to serve. i only have like 5 weeks left and that scares me! i actually keep having nightmares where i get home and they take my name tag off and i wake up crying haha.....yeah its gonna be a tough one. but I'm thankful for my time here and what i still have left! I'm gonna try to take advantage of every minute! well that's about all i have to be honest...just enjoy the many pictures! love you all and have an excellent week!!!

Elder Glenn

¡¡una noche MEXICANA!!
 pancho villa and emiliana zapata

( a game I suggested they play, "human Knot" Jacob said 
his companion said in Mexico they call it "cat intestines")

helping Chapelo get ready for winter

my shoes died on me while i was walking!....#missionprobs
this thing is adorable
la cascada

 yeah...that's my comp on that ledge...

this thing is SUPER fun....i have no idea why its at a kdis park....they could literally die haha

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