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Aug. 10, 2015


so ill get to explaining the title of this email...actually ill just let you all figure it out if you don't know what that means haha. lets just say I'm in Mexico and i ate a bad burrito on Friday and was up all night.....i consequently wasn't able to work this weekend so yeah....that was fun. it was really one of those "pasa de mi esta copa" type moments but i survived.

anyway ill get to something a little happier. so i have been contemplating a lot lately about what it is that i need to learn in these last few months...i think most missionaries will agree with me that there are certain "stages" in the mission and you are always learning big new important lessons. so i have been thinking a lot about this and been looking for signs and quite honestly i have come to realize that the Lord really wants me to learn to be SUPER obedient in these last few months. i have always known that it was important but it just hit me a lot harder. so i decided that i was going to be more obedient. follow ALL of the mission rules and avoid ANYTHING, be it small or big, that might potentially offend the Spirit. it's a day to day process but with God's help i have been able to make HUGE strides and feel the Spirit in more abundance. 

so this has been my focus right? obedience. and i have been doing a lot better than normal. but something interesting happened on Thursday that i would like to share. so we had been working hard all day but really had no success.....yeah classic mission story disclaimer BTW haha....went to look for a bunch of people but couldn't find anyone and all the people we contacted in the streets just weren't feeling it. i had kept a positive attitude all day long even with the lack of success. i knew that i was being more obedient than ever and that i was working hard and had the right intentions, so i knew that the Lord would bless us....but when it hit about 7pm (about and hour and a half before we have to be home) i just got super discouraged. i just felt hardcore that we wouldn't have any success....but then i was quickly able to recognize that those feelings were coming from a negative source....not from God. so i just kept saying this one phrase over and over in my's super cheesy but Bishop Edman will get a kick out of this. his definition of character that he made us memorize. "character is the ability to follow through with a desired objective long after the mood in which it was resolved has past." i said it a bunch just to pump me up and keep me going. then i said a prayer in my heart that we could just find someone special. i promised that i would talk to every single person i saw for the next hour and a half as long as we found someone special...and i had every intent of doing so.....and then we saw this lady walking towards us. i was like oh yeah lets go! but then she was on the other side of the road....and my mind was like "nah man shes over there you will look dumb crossing the road" and then i was like "yeah freaking right i have been working all day to find someone special that is waiting to hear this message and I'm not going to pass up the opportunity just because they are one the other side of the road!" so i crossed over and we talked to her. i had no idea what to say but i offered to help carry her blanket that she was carrying in her arms....and she laughed at me haha don't blame her. then we went to her house and helped her clean dishes and talked and she turned out to be SUPER awesome. i really hope she can progress because she really felt the spirit in that first lesson and i hope there are many more to come.

well that's about it guys. love you all loads and hope you have a great week!

Elder Glenn

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