Saturday, September 12, 2015

Aug. 31, 2015


well this was a pretty cool week. my comp and i decided we wanted to raise our goals and work even harder and we were able to reach a bunch of them and wow we found some really awesome new people to teach this week. we had a bunch of really cool lessons.

this past week we had our temple trip planned but so many people got sick and a family member of several of the members in the branch died so they went to the funeral and we had to reschedule the trip. but it's going to happen this week end! so we are working super hard so that everyone can go! we ran around like crazy last week and gave some blessing and everyone is feeling better so we hope to have a successful temple trip this week! we appreciate all your prayer btw! haha

I'm really enjoying the work, its hard and really challenging but its really rewarding when we just have awesome lessons and meet cool new investigators that want to know more. desgraciadamente my companion is counting down the days till i go home...yeah thanks bro haha. well i hope you all have a killer week! i can't believe i only have 8 weeks left! it makes me sick to think about. but m just gonna keep doing what i do and enjoy the work!

Elder Glenn
this little amphibian is called an ajolote and this picture was taken under water. these little
 guys are sick lookin

 yes that is in fact a rear car bumper on a truck front fender...pero se ve bien locs no?? 
we had to clean out to missionaries houses because they closed more areas in our zone! 

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