Saturday, September 12, 2015

July 28, 2015

Well i just got my new comp yesterday, his name is Elder Chan. and he is from Cancún. he is a good kid. i can tell that he really wants to work hard and serve the Lord diligently, which is great because we need that here in San Juanito. we have some cool investigators right now and this one lady that we found came to church which was awesome! her name is Elsa. and she is confined to a wheelchair. when she was 8 she lost control of all her limbs and was in the hospital for several years, but now has control of her arms so she can get around in a wheelchair. shes like 25 i think and she is an inspiration...on top of being in a wheelchair, she lives at the highest point in this city! on top of a HUGE hill. and half of it is dirt and rock so its super hard to get up. she literally cant leave or come home unless someone helps her up there. we went up to her house on Sunday and helped her come to church and she really liked it. she also wants to get baptized so we are teaching her lots and praying for her so she can take this next step. 
well Elder Woods left yesterday and will be going home early morning tomorrow. I'm gonna miss him but i'll get to see him when i get home for sure so I'm happy for that. 
well not much else to day this week. i love you guys a ton and hope you all have a great week!
Elder Glenn

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