Saturday, September 12, 2015

Aug. 3, 2015


so this was my first week as branch president. it was pretty cool. we worked hard this week and had some good success. so me and my comp get along really well and we work well together too. he is a really good guy and I'm glad to be working with him. 
so i had a really cool experience yesterday in the branch. well we were about to have the gospel principles class which this one sister normally gives...when i just had this impression to give the class myself. i was observing the sisters face and mannerisms and i could tell something was off and aside from that i just knew that i needed to. but i didn't even know what the class was on. so i asked the sister if she had prepared the class and she kind of dodged the question and then i asked her if she would like me to give the class and her face lit up and said yes. so i just asked her which chapter they were on. it turned out to be about the Atonement. i hadn't prepared anything but i just went for it in our class of about 10 adults. some of them have been members for a LONG TIME and others not so much. but as i went about the class i found myself explaining things in ways that i had never done before and i found myself saying things that i didn't even know i knew before. it was a super awesome class and everyone participated and i felt really edified from it. i just left it at that thinking that it was good for me and that's about it. but then later that day when we went to go visit some members and one of the sisters that was in the class told me that that class was really awesome and she looked at the atonement with a whole new light. she said that the questions i left for them to answer themselves really impacted her and some others. i was moved by her words. i just want to make this clear that i know that i am not that great of a teacher or anything of the sort, but what i learned is that now, as the branch president i was able to receive the necessary revelation for the branch. i am so incredibly grateful for our Heavenly Father and that He has allowed me to be in this position to better help the people here in this branch of His vineyard.
well that's about all the time i have! love you all! ill send some pics next week! have a good one!

Elder Glenn

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