Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sept. 7, 2015


so this week was really awesome. my comp and i worked really hard. we had the temple trip on  saturday and got up at 1 to help send them off. 8 members attended and one of them was a sister that received her endowment which was really really cool. i would have loved to have gone, but unfortunately the temple is outside of mission boundaries.  but it all went really well so I'm super happy. then yesterday we had 39 people attend church! it was incredible. we have been working so hard and are finally seeing some good results. normally anywhere from 14-20 people go to church, but now we are getting a lot of less active members attending and we are super stoked. we are working with some of those less actives so that can come do visits with us try and help get them excited about the church. we are finding loads of new people to teach and that are willing to investigate the church and want to make changes in their lives. I'm really happy because we are seeing this area grow a lot right now. so we are just going to keep doing what we are doing and try and improve.

yesterday i discovered this new video series that the church came out with: and it is REALLY cool, being someone who has personally gone through this 12 step recovery program i HIGHLY recommend it for ANYONE. i have been reflecting a lot this past week on my past, who i used to be and who i am now. i love the Lord. i love our Heavenly Father. He is so so merciful and loving. he has helped me literally change who i am. i am so much different than i was several years ago and i owe it all to Him. i have been filled with His love this past week and have had intense feelings of gratitude for all that He has done for me. He loves each of us so much...He only wants us to be happy, He just wants us to be able to progress and that's why He does all that He does, that's why we have so many resources to utilize to be able to get help in times of need and move forward positively. honestly i feel so much compassion and thankfulness to my Saviour and my Father in Heaven. being His representative has taught me so much. i have so much to learn and to live, but i am so incredibly grateful for all that He has done for me and given me. i love you all so much and i hope you all have a great week!

Elder Glenn

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