Saturday, September 12, 2015

Aug.17, 2015


hey so this week honestly not a ton happened. we weren't able to work in our area much because of meetings and stuff and some divisions, but we were able to work with a lot of members and get more people signed up and ready to go to the temple this month! we have been working really hard to get everyone ready and we started with only like 4 or 5 people that wanted to go, but now we have 12 that are committed to going so we will see how it works out, but we are hoping for the best! oh and we also had a cool activity with the youth that turned out pretty well because a couple of inactive young men came and now they want to come back to church and stuff and so we are having some success in the youth department which is good. 
lots and lots of work to do in this little branch to help them because self sufficient, but its the Lords will and we are working hard to make it come true! thank you all for all of your thoughts and prayers! keep being awesome and well talk next week! 

Elder Glenn
a little activity we did with the youth :)

E. Chan and me
 E. Tolbert, E. McKay, and me 
some cool roadrunner that some hippie lookin guys painted next to our appt complex 

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