Saturday, September 12, 2015

Aug, 24, 2015


alright this week was AWESOME! so i had previously been a little discouraged for the lack of success in our area, but literally right after writing last week we had a district meeting and it was literally just for me. I'm not even kidding our ZL made it just for me and basically was telling me that i needed to have more faith and all this stuff just pounding on me and i wouldn't let was just this like internal struggle but then we read in DandC 63:9-11 and the spirit just hit me really hard and some words came to my mind that i just needed to humble myself and learn this. so i did. i let go of my pride and i let the spirit teach me. it was incredible the things i learned. i had been doubting the possibilities of success. i had been judging the people we teach. i had to do some repenting, but then some really cool stuff started to happen. 

when we got to our area we started to work, but with the same kind of vigor and positivity that i worked in Valle. i knew that i just needed to work with faith diligence and be obedient. so i did. and we found a bunch of really cool people and taught with the spirit so strongly. i really felt that we were being guided by God. then we went to go with Else. now let me catch you all up on her, so she has been in Chihuahua city for the past like 2 weeks almost and we haven't had any communication with her. she had only been to church once and she really liked it but i just didn't know how this next visit was even going to go, let alone if we would find her. so we got to her house and started talking. she told us that while she was gone every day she prayed and was thinking about us. she said that every Sunday she prayed more and meditated about baptism. now that she was home she said that she was ready to be baptized! WOW. but it gets better! we had to teach her all the commandments because we hadn't taught her any, I had previously had the concern for her because she had been smoking a cigarette the first time we met her and said she smoked quite a bit and drank sometimes....when we taught her the word of wisdom she told us that like 3 days after we had initially met her she just got the feeling that she needed to stop smoking and she did. and hasn't done either since!  and she was more than willing to give up coffee and tea! she was so willing to fulfill all of the commandments. even tithing...which is huge because she lives in a literal shack. she inspired me so much. 

so she got baptized on Saturday. i had no doubt that she would. the members in the branch have treated her so well and i think she really feels like family now. I'm so grateful that the Lord gives me so many blessings and over all the opportunity to be an instrument in His hands to do His will. i love you all and i am so grateful for you prayers, love and support. i hope you all have a great week!

Elder Glenn
ELSA!!!! :)

a cool abandoned house 

this hail was big....good thing we were inside the church!

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