Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015


hey so this was a pretty chill week. we got a new Zone Leader that is really awesome. this kid for me is a huge inspiration and has motivated me to be better. he got sent home when he had like 13 months for doing something stupid, but then came back after a while and you can tell that this kid learned his lesson and really gets the big picture. I'm really impressed with his knowledge and leadership skills.
anyway, the other day we went to that one little town that is like 4 hours walking distance and we helped that family collect mushrooms cause apparently that's just the big thing here. so then we started walking home and a crazy storm hit us and it was raining SO HARD. needless to say we got soaking wet. there was lighting striking everywhere and my comp kinda got freaked out cause he has a fear of lightning apparently, and so while we were at the peak of the mountain we stopped and said a we were saying it idk why but i looked up into the sky and saw a lightning bolt come straight down at us but then just a couple hundred feet in the air it detoured and took a different direction and struck elsewhere. i was just really calm though. i knew that God was protecting us. and He really did. he protected us big time and nothing bad happened. it was actually really fun. i had fun at least. so one of the crazy parts is that we had to cross a ton of rivers that were overflowing and we were already soaking wet so we just walked through them because there was really no other way to do it. it was hilarious and we laughed a lot. just made jokes about it and stuff. but all in all it was great. 

well that's really all the news i have for this week. we are getting a little more success on the work, but ill let you all know when cool stuff happens. love you all a ton! have a great week!

Elder Glenn

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