Monday, July 20, 2015

June 30,2015


well literally like just a couple hours ago we got transfer I'm leaving. which totally caught us by surprise because my comp finishes his mission next week so we did not see it coming. to be completely honest I'm pretty bummed and sad that i have to say goodbye to everyone here. i love Valle so much. and i wish i could be here longer. this place and the members here are just like a family. seriously i have grown to love them all so much. i am going to miss everyone here and more than anything i am going to miss my companion Elder Castro. he has become to be my best friend in the world. we have been through some really rough things together and we have been able to enjoy the most fruitful blessings thanks to God's Grace and mercy. these past 3 months have quite literally been the best i have ever experienced in my life. i don't know if i have ever experienced such happiness before. and i have come to understand things about the gospel of Jesus Christ that i never really got or saw before. the Lord has blessed me so much more than i deserve. i love how the hymn Rock of Ages #111 in English says in the second verse Not the labors of my hands Can fill all the law's demands; Could the zeal no respite know, Could my tears forever flow, All for sin could not atone; thou must save and thou alone." even with all my effort, even if i gave Christ all i have for the rest of my life, i could never even pay the price for not a single sin. HE saves us with His grace after we do all that we can. and in reality we do very very little. so i am a little bummed....................................................

....................................................................and i wrote that yesterday and right now i am in my new area its called San Juanito and it is the farthest from the offices and it is in the mountain range and my comp is........Elder Woods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when they told me in the transfers i freaked out i couldn't believe it. so all the sadness i honestly gone. I'm super happy. I'm glad i get to be with my other best friend for the last few weeks he has left. and we are the first American missionaries here in like 7 years....and Elder Woods is the branch president. BTW it is super pretty here. PINE TREES everywhere. and we have to walk like 4 hours to get to some guys house tomorrow to teach him how to give priesthood blessings and then 4 hours to return....its gunna be sweet. but let me just tell you some funny stuff that has happened. well on the way here Woods is like telling me that it like doesn't rain here that much but that even when it does it only rains for like 5 minutes....we got here an hour and a half ago and it ha been pouring non stop ha ha i am soaking wet and i need to buy an umbrella asap. we also have a dog that like guards the apartment building we stay in....and he said that this huge German Shepard doesn't bite or anything....that's funny because the second we get there it starts barking and freaking out and then he says that its just cause its being dumb but that he just acts tough but never then proceeded to bite him! ha ha i couldn't help but was great. he is fine, it didn't break skin but it was really funny. I'm cold and wet but i am super content and happy to be here and ready to work. just wanted to get this letter off. love you all so much!

Elder Glenn
Elder Castro's birthday cake. he turned 20
me and my best bud 
 our friend we found in the house :)
 the missionaries and some of our tightest members here in Parral :)

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