Monday, July 20, 2015

July 6, 2015


So this was a pretty awesome first week with Elder Woods. the first day we had to walk to this place that is like really far away, but it was so pretty on the way. like honestly i feel like i am not in Chihuahua. the air just constantly smells like pine trees....which i have missed SO MUCH. and i almost cry everyday from laughing so hard because of stuff that happens or stuff that my comp says. its great. and the people here are super nice. they had been focussing a lot on the members and stuff, so we don't have many investigators. so this week we are determined to find new people to teach....our house is alright, but the best part is that we have a freaking GYM. so yeah we are going there every morning at like 6 and working out....and wow i feel out of shape, but its all good. hopefully ill be here for the rest of my mission and i will be not so out of shape for when i get home haha. 

well it rains really hard here and its humid and cold so my shoes don't really dry out as fast (or at all) as i would like, but that's alright. nothing ever really dries out thats cool. but we just have a blast and laugh at everything. like the other day we are walking home and it was raining so hard that all the streets were like flooding. and to get back we had to make like little brides with cement chunks that were just on the sidewalk....luckily there are lots of random cement chunks everywhere. but it was pretty awesome to say the least. i learned something from Elder Woods the last time i was with him and it stuck with me. when "bad" things happen we have to choices; get upset, or just laugh and enjoy it. and jeez this whole week there have just been a bunch of "bad" things that have happened but instead of getting upset i just laugh. and we both laugh a lot so its just awesome. i'm gonna send some other sweet pics too so i hope you all like them! have a great week and keep firm in the faith!

Elder Glenn

Happy 4th of July cake!!!
this is San Juanito 

 pure awesomeness

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