Monday, July 20, 2015

June 24, 2015


so this was an interesting week. but everything went well and Edgar got baptize! also Eduardo gave his first talk in church and it was priceless! so so awesome. i am so proud of that kid. he like cried because he was talking about being with his family forever and then after he finished his little brother(Edgar who had just been confirmed) ran over to him and they hugged. everyone was touched.

so on Monday we went to a zone activity and played soccer and idk exactly what my comp did but he managed to dislocate his shoulder entirely so we had to rush him to the hospital in an ambulance and wait for the doctor to get there, all the while my comp was just begging the people to give him something for the pain. poor guy. they say that that kind of dislocation hurts way worse than a fracture. but if I'm completely honest it was kind of humorous the way he was demanding people to give him drugs, and then would apologize and just say that he was in lots of pain. i could help but laugh a little. i know. I'm terrible. but its the cold truth. i told him after and he laughed with me so its all good. so he got the attention needed and everything, but they like put him to sleep to do it all because the pain was too much to bear and so the bill ended up being like 11,000 pesos....and we couldn't leave without paying so we had to wait forever for the secretaries to come from Chihuahua and pay for it so we didn't leave until like 11:15. then yesterday we had to go to Chihuahua to the missions doctor to make sure everything will heal well and so we were traveling all day and in more hospitals...but finally we are here in Valle again and ready to work and hopefully baptize this little 8 year old boy this Saturday. just pray that his parents can soften their hearts and allow it :) 

well i love you all loads and i hope this week goes well for you!bye!

Elder Glenn
Eduardo likes to wear my nametag and carry my comps backpack so that he can look
 like a real missionary haha. this kid is awesome!
 Edgar´s baptism!

 this kid is crazy and started trying to soak me and make me swim and stuff haha. he is the most happy kid i have ever seen right after a baptism. we let him swim around for like 30 minutes 
 (from left to right) E. Fangupo, me, E. Castro and E. Simon in the hospital for 11 hours straight!

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