Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 28, 2014

pues primerament ¡GRACIAS por no escribirme la última semana! jeje las únicas personas que me escribieron fueron mi novia y su mamá jaja entonces necesitan levantar su juego.

alright. so this week was super cool. on Tuesday we went and taught this lady that has loved everything about the gospel but her only hold back is that she SUPER believes in the saints....los santos....i feel like it just makes more sense in Spanish I'm sorry. but anyway. we were talking to her and i have never been very good at teaching about the saints...or i guess i have never been good at resolving that issue...but his time was totally different. it was like 150% the Spirit. i was just asking her some super inspired questions and giving some cool examples that honestly i had never before thought of. after this really cool lesson she just sat there and was like....wow...that makes total sense. and she is now progressing SO much better. seriously i am so happy for her. she has a really tough situation because her husband is a major alcoholic and her 16 year old son is following in his footsteps. he also drinks and the two get super abusive. but she is a really strong and faithful lady. she is now praying correctly and feeling a better sense of peace and love in her life. other than that I'll be completely honest our area is struggling. we have been working super hard but honestly aren't seeing a lot of progress. so i was studying a copy of Our search for Happiness by elder Ballard and it has some REALLY cool stuff in it. just last night i gained a very profound testimony of the Atonement. it is a topic that has been occupying my mind for quite sometime and last night...idk....i just felt a change. even more than before. i think there is really something i need to learn here in this area and i believe that it will help strengthen my testimony of the Atonement even more.

well I'm happy to see and hear about all of the fun stuff you are all doing! just working hard and sweating a ton down here....oh yeah. and last week i bought a sombrero because the sun was burning me like crazy and honestly sunscreen doesn't help a lot. so ill send a picture next week. but now....ladies and gentleman...i am.....cowboy Jake from Chihuahua state. hahaha i just couldn't wait. its too good. I'm fulfilling my childhood dream guys. its great. love you all!!
Hope you all have a fantastic week!

Elder Glenn

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