Monday, November 9, 2015

Oct. 12, 2015

so this was an awesome week!! seriously we worked our tails off to try and reach the goals we set and i was humbled to be empowered with Christs grace and we were able to reach them. as many may know right now in these last few weeks it can get hard to focus really well and not think about home, but this week was different for me and i really came to appreciate even more this work and the many blessings that come from keeping our covenants and being true to the Lord. it was such a satisfying week and i love the fact that i still have two more weeks to give my all to the Lord. i read a quote from Elder Packer and it talked about him giving his will to the Lord and that being the most important decision and commitment that he had ever made in his life. i think this is a true and very important principle to understand is we wish to be truly happy and enjoy the gospel and have it truly take effect in our lives.
i hope you all ponderized a scripture this week. i did ether 12:37 

Y aconteció que el Señor me dijo: si no tienen caridad es cosas que nada tiene que ver contigo. Tú has sido fiel, por tanto tus vestidos estarán limpios. Y porque has visto tu debilidad, serás fortalecido, aun hasta sentarte en el lugar que he preparado en las mansiones de mi padre.
this scripture really helped me focus on the work this week and keep me from getting distracted. i have SO MANY weaknesses and i am SO thankful that the Lord has strengthened me in my weaknesses and made me so much more than i could ever be on my own. i love Him and i love His children. i love His work and His church. i love being a missionary. it has been the most marvelous thing i have ever had the privilege to participate in up tot his point in my life. i love you all and hope you have an excellent week!
Elder Glenn

 tuna, these things taste great but always leave you with tiny thorns on your fingers, no matter how much you clean them

 we hiked la luna, and were so close to the clouds!

 chapelo and his family in la louisiana

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