Monday, November 9, 2015

Oct. 19, 2015


this was an awesome week. i cant believe i only have one more. on Monday my comp and i hiked to the reservoir and we almost got killed by a giant rattle snake. then on Wednesday we went to the Louisiana and hiked the highest mountain which took like 3 hours to go up. and we could see everything!! it was so cool we were almost touching the clouds. then on Thursday Elder Smith came to interview Cristina for her baptism on Saturday and it all went so well. she has really repented hardcore. her services were really good and she was confirmed yesterday. 
after church my counselor and his wife invited us to have lunch at their house which was cool, but we got there and half the branch was there with a cake and all this stuff. they totally threw a surprise going away party for me and it was so awesome. this is just the greatest place on earth. it so sad that i only have only week left until i have to leave. i love it here. i am so happy. thank you all for you continual love an support throughout my mission. have an excellent week. i know i will :)

Elder Glenn

this snake literally almost killed me. it is THE BIGGEST rattle snake i have ever seen. but literally we were walking up a hill and this thing starts rattling and i was in front and looked up and it was HUGE. seriously and i yelled and we booked it down the hill so stinking fast i couldn't believe it.

 me and Elsa at her house
some "rotten"apples,they taste pretty good

 the presa

Cristina Baptism

 Farewell party

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