Friday, December 20, 2013

Dec 12th
thats so cool! so happy to hear everything is going well! i keep her in prayers as well as all of you! haha so some sad news. i cant call on Christmas :( but ill be able to email so just be sure and be by the computer of have your phone so we can message and stuff. got 16 new missionaries last night and i actually did a great job with our meet and greet thing we do! i had them all laughing haha, but really its great. oh i also saw Mariah Lopez last night!!! she just got here, she is that one little girl with the super duper curly red hair and the cute laugh haha. it was good seeing her!
I miss Sam, lil punk better write me back. i want to talk to him gosh. he is my best friend and if he doesn't reply then he is just being selfish and that isn't cool. i miss him too and i want to hear from him. anyway. i love you :) tell everyone i love them!
Love Elder Glenn

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