Friday, December 6, 2013

Dec. 6, 2013
Okay so some pretty cool news! Me and Elder Hansen just got called to be Zone leaders!!!! We are both really excited about it and I couldn't be happier! I love hearing from you all and I hope everyone is doing well. I pray for everyone every night and I'm so grateful to have such a great family! Well we got your package and Elder Hansen was touched that you made an ornament for him :) I tell everyone lots of stories about you guys and they all love hearing it. I say a lot of funny things and so I get put into Elder Farley's(an elder in my district) "quote book" a lot. A good one from the other day was after we had just got out of a REALLY good devotional and I was just really feeling the spirit and was super pumped I said "Wow, I could just punch something right now!...but in a good way!" Ha ha they all really got a kick out of it. I laugh a lot. more than I ever have really. Our district is so awesome! We work hard and we laugh hard. all of us are learning Spanish really quickly and we love it. We use hardcore Spanglish just because it sounds so funny. I love it. Our residence hall has me and my companion, Elder's Farley and Baldwin and then the other two elders in our district are just the room below us. They are Elder's Roser and Marion. All great young men, they all inspire me and make me laugh so hard. Our zone leaders we had before us said that we are the hardest working, most diligent, and best district they have seen, so we are very happy to know that we are doing well!

So weird thing. I get out my scriptures on the first day and I look for something in the bible....but ALL of the bible tabs are our of order! haha so it makes it confusing. So if there is anyway to like get some new tabs for it that would be pretty cool. and not the kind that stick out, like just some stickers to go on top of the incorrect ones, if that makes any sense. Also if you could send me my one zip up turquoise and white bedazzled tie that would be great! apparently paisley ties are like "the thing" here. oddly enough I had one bright paisley tie and an elder saw me and asked what it would take to have me part with me and Elder Hansen went to his room and he had like 30+ ties!!! crazy right??? and I traded it for 3 ties haha! I had heard of "underground" tie trading in the MTC but this was comical! turns out they do these like big gatherings to have tie trading conventions, but we, as elders, really aren't supposed to be having big gatherings and focusing on things like that, so no one goes, because...well..its dumb haha. I am giving two years to do the Lord's work and I will not waste any of it being distracted by foolish things. I love you all and will try and send some pictures but the computers are weird so I might now be able to! ill try! love you!

Elder Glenn

So notes from "the mom", Jacob's P-day is on Thursday just FYI.
We got his scriptures figured out, we sent him a new set and he is going to send the defective set back.
"The parental units" (as he has called us) are very happy and proud of how well he is doing :)

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  1. Awesome to read all about it! I'm not sure there is anything better than having a missionary out!