Friday, December 20, 2013

Dec 19th 
So our new districts are awesome! We have some really strong missionaries that are going to do a ton a great things! It's really hard seeing some missionaries go every week. It's crazy how close you can get to people in such a short amount of time, but i think that the spirit really plays a big role in that it helps you see people for who they really are. I think before my mission I sometimes would judge people too quickly, and some of these people here I wouldn't have given a chance, but now that I have the spirit so strong with me, I get to see people for who they really are, and they are awesome!!! Um some interesting stuff, I guess would be....really idk. A lot of stuff happens but I have no idea where to start. our district has a ton of inside jokes, we laugh a lot, and I laugh really loud! ha ha but we have one elder, who is just the best, he is immature, but is just so so incredibly self confident and in no way humble ha ha but we love him because of who is is, I wouldn't change a thing about this guy, love him. Anyway, when he goes to the bathroom EVERYONE in our class and adjacent classes come near the bathroom and listen to him because he SLAMS the toilet seat down when he is done. its pretty freaking hilarious. we score his slams and have a running tally of how hard he slams and everything, its great :) 
Something funny about a couple Spanish words, just depending on where you put the accent on a word can change what it means. so like Papá means Santa Claus, and el papa means the pope of the catholic church, la papa means potato, and papá also means dad. I thought it was pretty interesting. Don't send me gum ha ha we aren't allowed to chew gum as missionaries, its hilarious whenever any of us get packages we always get gum and just laugh so hard! get me some of those Listerine tape mints or something instead ha ha. On thanksgiving we did this really cool service project where we made over like 350,000 meals! We had these assembly lines going and our group just tried going as fast as possible and we made it a really good time actually, I was laughing so hard, and I had everyone laughing with me because we were all just being crazy. I'm pretty sure all of the sister missionaries in our zone think I'm just the weirdest guy ever. I swear they hate me sometimes, but its all good. ha ha I just think people take me too seriously sometimes, and I harass people and mess around and I'm really sarcastic...and sometimes they just don't pick up the jokes. Anyway. I'm loving it. I'm getting a lot better with my Spanish and I really am so stoked to go out in the field and get to work!!
I love this picture, because if you look really hard at the glass ornament you can see Jacob!!

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