Monday, April 28, 2014

April 22, 2014
(To decipher my son's cryptic letter I have put explanations in parentheses)
sorry i didnt email last week! and yesterday i couldnt because we had no time and i could only write to the president. thank you SO MUCH for taking care of that for me! (Taxes)ugh youre the best!! yeah if everything goes as planned they are gonna get baptized this week!!! (Family of 9 they have been teaching) gosh im so excited for them. this has been the most wonderful experience meeting this family and helping them find the truth for themselves. so stoked.

that all sounds like so much fun!! (Easter)yeah i saw some of those videos on the MTC and they looked spectacular. really great job. (Church videos on Christ)
yeah i think candy is fine but like food isnt..and clothes used cothes though..idk for sure ill check into it. (New shipping rules to the Texas address)
 thats a long trip! im sure he will have great success from it! (Eric going to Vietnam for 3 weeks)
(Abbie started drivers ed)gosh i cant believe she is so old....ahhh crazy. good for her though. i just know that it is SO IMPORTANT for youth at her age to gain a testimony. read the scriptures, meditate in your heart and pray to know the truth of what you have been studying or pondering. it is so so so crucial that she does that. i wish i would have at her age. i never did anything. i just ask you mom to help her gain her own testimony. i just relied on the testimony of you and dad for too many years, up to a certain age its okay, but then its necessary that we all find our own light.
i will have to explain the motorcycle thing next week im out of time, i love you mom!!! thank you for all that you do and i will let you know about the mothers day thing as soon as i have any information! have a great week! you deserve it momma bear!!
love your son
Elder Glenn

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