Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014
So this week was really really good and kinda stunk. my companion and i worked our tails off getting everything in order for this couple to get married so that they and their family could be baptized on Saturday. we did EVERYTHING. we spent so much money and time getting things in order it was crazy. we had hardly any time to visit anyone else or do anything else, and it all came down to thursday. Thursday they had to go to this place an hour away to attend some talk requisite for the marriage, and when it came down to it the dad ended up deciding that instead of just rushing things, to take it slow and blah blah blah. he had PLENTY of good reasons to do so. BUT we had prayed about the baptismal date so much and had overcome SO MANY obstacles to get to this point and then he just said yeah we will do it next week...which is fine i know, but it really got us both down. it was a really big blow and we were pretty down for that day. But we recuperated and visited them the next day and its all good now. we keep visiting them a lot to make sure they are ready, and they are so incredible. They are such an awesome family, all of them have an intense desire to be baptized. I feel so privileged to be apart of this process and be an instrument in the lords hands. so this Saturday they are for sure for sure getting baptized, SO STOKED!!!! :):):):)
So as you may or may not know, I have been really down on myself for a while now. i just don't do stuff right. i forget to fill out the area book, i take too much time planning, i don't talk enough in lessons, I'm not great at finding out peoples needs and addressing them, the list goes on and on. my companion has clearly demonstrated much frustration on his end for my lack of ability and desire to do better. well i had desire, but because of everytime  he would yell at me for stuff i would just get super down on myself. i mean there is only so much that you can take right? well no. he was telling me good things, i was just focusing on the wrong that i was doing and not focusing on how i can improve...or in other words i was just focusing on the negative of what i have already done wrong, and i was caught in the lie that i couldn't change and do better. That's what Satan does. that devil. seriously though, i am a confident guy, so why wasn't i being confident? i am personable, why wasn't i acting it? i love people, why wasn't i loving? because i was setting limits for myself. i was telling myself that i couldn't do better than what I've done. but that is so wrong. thanks to the atonement of Jesus Christ we can all do better than we did yesterday, or five minutes ago even. it doesn't matter. he erases our mistakes, and if we let him, he gives us power to be more than we can be on our own. i have such a strong testimony of the atonement, and the power therein. i know Christ can help all of us become better than we have been. even if we have done something a certain way for years and years!!!! the world tells us that you cant teach an old dog new tricks, but that's a lie. Christ tells us that we can become perfect like him. i love this gospel with all my heart and thank all of you for all the love and support that you show me! i hope everyone is doing great! love you all! talk to you later!
Elder Glenn

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