Monday, June 16, 2014

May 5, 2014
WAHOO!!!!! all this hard work finally paid off!!! the Rodriguez family were all baptized on Saturday!!!! i also put in a picture from Friday with their marriage certificate. SO SO SOOOOO HAPPY for this family. they are all such an incredible inspiration to me. they have taught me so much and i feel so absolutely privileged to have been an instrument in the Lords hands in their conversion process. i have been working my tail off for months and it all paid off! i am so happy for them. they are like a family to me. ha ha it was funny because the dad Roberto was telling me about the music he likes.....ALL of dads favorites I'm talkin' CCR Beatles, Zeppelin, stones, grand funk, the doors, i mean you name it ha ha we had a great time talking about it. but more than anything Roberto has showed me a new perspective on faith. he always demonstrated such an incredible amount of faith in this entire process, and such a strong desire to be more than he could be alone. he just did things when he knew it was right. he doesn't hesitate and he doesn't go against what he already knows to be true. he stays true to himself. i have so much respect for him and felt so privileged when he asked me to perform the ordinance. it is a true blessing and honor to be a missionary. this family is on the right path and they know it! awe gosh it just makes me so stoked to think about! i hope all of you are doing great and i look forward to talking to you mom this Sunday or Saturday. i love you all!!
Elder Glenn

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