Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014
so it was fathers day yesterday here and i honestly don't know if its the same well just pretend it is. everything is going so great! we found this couple that is progressing really well and another family that is also moving along well. super excited and working SO hard. wow. the harder i work the fast time goes by. I'm already going to end this transfer this week and complete 7 months on Thursday(according to my companion, because i don't really keep track lol). time is just flying by me like mad. well i just want to send a couple of pictures too! love you all SO MUCH!! I'm typing this there is a song on the radio...not gunna' believe it.....because i literally have only ever heard dad sing it, but never the real song.....HUH HOO wo ooh woah what is it good for?? absolutely nothin'! SAY IT AGAIN!!! HAHAHAHA totally made me crack up. so not a ton to say, but hope every ones summer is just fantastic! it finally is starting to cool down like rains a tiny bit and is cloudy but is somehow baking hot...its great lol. love you all have a fantastic week!
Love Elder Glenn
yeah the computer is being dumb...ill have to send them next week. (One pic came through) but i got an infection this week from some chicken...its not super bad i just can't eat really well and when i do i feel like I'm gonna puke...also i have a super bad ingrown toenail....needless to say walking all these miles hurts lol
oh AND we don't get zone or district activities all of mexico....kinda stinks but whatever haha

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