Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 23, 2014
so this week has been pretty tough ill be completely honest. i contracted an infection from some chicken i this filthy. the people are super loving and great but hole crap everything is so gross. I've been okay with it up to this date but jeez, one time i found a dead cockroach in my no thank you. no. and so apparently i got sick from their food almost 2 weeks ago and it has been killing me. i have had the worst headache of my life and my stomach just kills and i cant eat very well, when i do eat it makes me want to throw up...and i have thrown up several times. its hard to get rest because my head just throbs in pain. so i took a 3 hour trip to chihuahua and they gave me some pills that i feel like make it worse at times...idk...its been a little rough. BUT something really cool came out of it. we were walking one day and i was thinking about the Atonement. i was thinking about how surely Christ walked a lot longer and further then i have to and I'm sure he had ingrown toenails and sickness and all that stuff but he still did the work. and he was never once selfish and thought of himself. he was the perfect missionary. then i got to thinking about him suffering for our sins. he asked God if there was another way, because he knew how incredibly painful it was going to be, but there was no other way, and he followed through with his mission and sacrifice. he knew that a huge majority of the people that he was going to be suffering for weren't going to accept him nor take advantage of this sacrifice...but he did it anyway. he did it knowing fully well and did it so that EVERYONE would have to opportunity to accept him and take advantage of his atoning sacrifice and become clean from sin and become more like him. like wow. it just blows my mind.his insane amount of love for all of us. i just want to be more like him and spread the gospel to as many people as will hear it. 
some really exciting news! so there is a family that I have been teaching since my first day in Mexico and they are going to get baptized on Saturday!!!1 I'm so incredibly excited!! i have put all my effort into helping them and they have finally made this decision! ill let you all know how it goes next week! love you all!
Love Elder Glenn

Needless to say we have been concerned about Jacob being so sick, I emailed the mission home and got this from the secretary.
HI Sister Glenn,
Just to inform you he is doing a lot better. I saw him the other day and he is feeling better. HE had changes this week and is now in the city of Chihuahua, where he is closer to doctors and hospital in the case that he would need it.
If you have other questions just let me know.

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